rubber gloves


  • Sizes: small, medium and large.
  • Box contains – 12 pairs.

medi 2in1



  • Your compression stocking glides up over your heel effortlessly.
  • For all garment lengths.
  • For open and closed toe.
  • Works for arm sleeves too.
  • Hard wear-and-tear resistant.
  • Compact and portable – lightweight and folds up.

mediven® compliance kit


  • Contains samples of medi care™ wash, medi day gel and medi night cream, stocking application gloves, and easy care wash bag.

application aids


  • Easy-on foot slipper.
  • One size fits all.

medi butler off


  • The medi butler off helps you take off your compression stocking without tiresome bending and without having to pull hard.
  • To take the stocking off, simply slide the medi butler off into the compression stocking and push it off downwards over the heel. This avoids damaging the skin and the knit of the compression stocking.

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