medi butler

  • Nine butlers: the right solution for every patient requirement.
  • Optimal 20 degree angle for ease of use.
  • Supports patient compliance and independence.
  • Time saving with uncomplicated donning and doffing.

medi butler item #90002

medi “short” butler

  • Perfectly suited for donning arm sleeves or for helping the individual who applies the compression stockings on to the patient.

medi “short” butler item #90001

medi assure butler

  • The economical donning option.

assure butler item #90007

medi hospital butler

  • Adjustable diameter with hard, paint finish coating.
  • Designed for donning compression stockings and sleeves on a passive or supine patient.

medi hospital butler item #90003

medi rehab butler

  • The medi rehab butler is equipped with a new folding mechanism to allow for easier stocking application without having to point the toes.
  • Perfect for the patient with limited range of motion in lower leg and ankle joints.

medi rehab butler item #6900056

medi vario butler

  • The donning aid for stocking-wearers with restricted range of movement.
  • The handle length can be adjusted between 37 and 58 cm for use by patients who have a limited range of movement.

medi vario butler item #90005

medi panty double butler

  • The medi pantyhose butler eases donning of compression pantyhose.

medi panty double butler item #90008

medi “big” butler

  • The big butler’s bigger diameter allows for larger circumferences.

medi “big” butler item #90000

medi arm butler

  • The medi arm butler enables easy self-donning of compression arm sleeves.
  • The unique design works well with any stable surface such as a counter top.

medi arm butler item #6900103

medi travel butler

  • With its low weight and simple handling, the medi travel butler is your ideal travelling companion.
  • Can be dismantled into individual parts; includes screwdriver and bag.

medi travel butler item #90009

medi arm “big” butler

  • item #6900103
  • The medi arm “big” butler eases the donning of compression arm sleeves allowing for larger circumferences.

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