Spinomed® IV
Spinomed® IV A/P

Evidence-based spinal orthosis for osteoporosis.


  • Osteoporotic bone collapse in the thoracic and lumbar spine
  • Hyperkyphosis with chronic back pain

Mode of Action:

  • Initial stabilization of the spine after osteoporotic bone collapse
  • Activation of the back muscles strengthens the spine and reduces hyperkyphosis
  • Reduces the patient’s pain and promotes activity


  • Ergonomically shaped shoulder straps make it easy to put on and increase wearing comfort
  • Two functional straps ensure a clear, light structure and easy handling when putting it on
  • Perforated soft material increases air circulation under the posterior spine panel ensuring patient comfort
  • Small notches, stretch material and wide straps at the waist provide the necessary flexibility, a secure fit and optimum wearing comfort
  • The newly developed flexible intermediate belt ensures that there is an optimum fit and that the belt system works effectively
  • A flexible and breathable material integrated into the stomach pad provides a good fit and a high degree of wearing comfort. It also facilitates closing under tension
  • The new strap loops help prevent twisting of the straps



    Evidence based study* proves effectiveness * The evidence based study of Spinomed® was published in the “American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation”, edition March 2004. Copies available upon request. (article 99543).

Detailed Images

Spinomed® IV AP


Size Spine Length (cm) Spine Length (inches) Spinomed®
XS to 43 to 17″ #85121 #85021
SM 44 – 49 17″ – 19 ½” #85122 #85022
MD 50 – 55 19 ½” – 21 ¾” #85123 #85023
LG 56 – 61 21 ¾” – 24″ #85124 #85024
XL 62 – 67 24″ – 26 ½” #85125 #85025

Measure from the sacrum to just below the C7 following the spinal curvature.

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