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 medi takes its position as global leader in medical compression seriously by investing in research, education and innovation, providing the latest technologies enabling our patients to not only manage their challenges, but to enjoy life to its fullest.
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Learn more about medi’s roots and history that date back to the end of the 19th century.
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 Offering a full spectrum of premium supports and braces, medi enhances mobility and performance for patients with osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and other joint issues.
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medi. I feel better.

medi is committed to helping people all around the world live a more independent, productive and satisfying life while managing circulatory, lymphatic and ambulatory issues.

More than 60 years of experience in compression technology is also incorporated in the products from medi’s CEP sport and ITEM m6 fashion ranges. CEP’s high-tech clothing for virtually every kind of sport protects active people from injuries and improves their performance. ITEM m6 fashion stockings are both elegant and functional – a treat to look at and a treat for your legs.

I Feel Better

In order to fulfill the “I feel better” promise, medi transforms its experience and insight into innovations.

I Feel Better

“I feel better.” is a promise that becomes reality with medi.

With our products and technologies, our goal is to make people’s lives easier, better and more comfortable. We encompass the quality of both products and service to create the greatest possible benefit for our users, customers and partners.

We foster innovation, active market development, and individualized solutions to problems both domestically and internationally.

Quality & Standards

medi adds value to its customers by providing products and services of superior quality, meeting the highest of demands.

Quality & Standards

medi compression is the quality seal that differentiates medi products from all others. More than 60 years of experience with German design, research and manufacturing have been applied to bring you quality garments. Accurate graduated compression is guaranteed. medi compression – the key to quality in medicine, lifestyle and sports.


A medical aid is really good, only if the user no longer thinks of it as an “aid”.


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