Month: May 2021

Peripheral Arterial Disease

Why Screening for PAD matters

PAD or Peripheral Arterial Disease, is a highly prevalent disease, with morbidity and mortality similar to coronary artery disease, yet it has limited preventative screening. PAD is a common circulatory problem in which narrowed arteries reduce the blood flow to the limbs. When PAD develops, the extremities, and in particular the legs, don’t receive enough

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Foot Care

The Importance of a Good Base

Did you know that 25% of our bones and muscles are located below the ankle? Our feet were designed to be versatile with an infinite number of movements due to the number of joints and muscles within our feet. The feet are the true foundation of the body. Most of us forget this as we wear various

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Measuring Technology made easy with medi vision®

In the past, the route to a custom-fitted garment could be a painstakingly long process, with multiple, tedious measurements made with a standard tailor’s tape measure. And sometimes, those measurements run the risk of significant measurement error or not always being transcribed accurately, resulting in a poorly fit garment. Medical compression stockings work by applying

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