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Is it possible to become infected via textiles with Covid-19?

Corona viruses only survive through human host cells, as for example in the lungs. The international umbrella organization of the textile care CINET clarifies, that the coronavirus only has a life cycle of about 20 minutes outside host cells.

This means for the textile dispatch and also for the handling of textiles that (if common hygiene standards are adhered to) no transmission of the viruses can take place through them if the time period is longer than that. Which should mostly be the case.

May I spray disinfectant on my flat-knitted compression stockings?

Unfortunately, the knitted fabric suffers from the use of disinfectants. Wash your compression garments in the washing machine according to instructions. It is best to use a laundry net to protect the compression stockings from zippers or other risks.

Is there anything I need to consider when washing my compression stockings at this time?

Detergent, not high temperatures is key. This or soap would "dissolve" the outer virus shell and kill the virus, according to experts. Even low temperatures are sufficient. The decisive factor is not heat but detergent, explains the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety (Ages) on its website. The detergent thus leads to the reliable "dying" of the virus. SARS-CoV-2 belongs to the enveloped viruses and is therefore very sensitive to environmental influences.