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The world's fastest screening tool for peripheral artery disease. 

Cardiovascular diseases cause 35% of deaths globally - efficient diagnosis is the only way to lower this number. MESI ABPI MD measures the Ankle-Brachial-Index and discovers blocked arteries in 1 minute to help prevent Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD).

How it works

Benefits of MESI ABPI MD

  • Simultaneous measurement
  • 1 Minute measurement
  • No human error
  • Healthcare staff friendly
  • Report printout


  • Reliable and accurate ABI results are obtained simultaneously in a simple, 1-minute way.
  • Minimal training is required. Measurement is simple, done in 3 steps.
  • No need to rest patient or clothes removal. Measurement is simultaneous and fast, therefore potential patient discomfort is reduced. 
  • Printout of the results can be personalized with patient and ABI performing entity data.
  • Designed for use wherever it's needed - in the practice, hospital or at patient's home. 

Compared to Doppler Probe

The ABPI Procedure with the Doppler Probe requires several steps and takes more than one hour. The ABPI Test with MESI ABPI MD requires only three steps and takes one minute - it's a simple comparison of blood pressures in legs and arms while it's non-invasive and painless. The 2-in-1 Medical Device measures the Blood Pressure (BP) in the same time. 

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