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medi pcs - Pneumatic Compression System

The most advanced pneumatic compression system of its kind:

medi pcs is the pneumatic compression system for improved quality of life, faster performance, and uncompromising excellence. Combining over 60 years of patient-focused compression expertise with 21st century science, medi pcs helps those managing venous and lymphatic conditions lead more independent, satisfying, and healthy lives.

medi pcs brio

brio is setting the new standard for basic pneumatic compression. Meaning "vigor" or "vivacity," brio puts patients and their needs first. By making the treatment of venous and lymphatic conditions both easy, effective, and enjoyable, the brio sets patients up for success and promotes greater independence and enthusiasm for successful therapy. Learn more.

medi pcs genius | coming soon

genius combines art with science like never before. With its advanced capabilities, the genius goes beyond your greatest expectations in promoting patient successes and improved daily living. No condition is too challenging for the genius - give patients renewed motivation and enthusiasm for therapy with custom programs tailored specifically for their needs.

What makes medi pcs different?

Easy-to-use touch screen, self-learning-technology and personalized therapy program make the medi pcs pump to an unique pneumatic compression system for independence and satisfaction in patients life.

  • Fill-to-Fit Technology
    Self-learning "Fill-to-Fit" technology intuitively adjusts to the user's limb size during each therapy session. Fill-to-Fit technology enables the brio or genius to apply precise, graduated compression regardless of increases or decreases in limb size. This intelligent technology guarantees accurate compression, without exception.

  • Overlapping Chambers
    The garments that pair with pcs brio and genius are designed with overlapping air chambers inside. This innovative design ensures that gradient compression is applied over the entire limb being treated. Thanks to overlapping chambers, the potential for pooling fluid or backflow of fluid is eliminated.

  • Individualized Programs
    Both pcs models support the creation of thousands of individualized treatment programs to meet specific patient needs. Users can program treatment times up to 3 hours, define the compression gradient down to 1 mmHg increments, and select from many more custom features.

  • Accessibility & Safety
    Full-color touchscreens make programming a breeze. Both models support four languages (English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese) to suit patients' preferred language and ensure they understand treatment protocol. pcs models also contain a safety lock, which can be enabled to prevent changes to prescribed therapy settings.

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