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What is a contact layer wound dressing?

A contact layer is a non-adherent liner, typically quite thin, that is placed on the wound bed to protect against trauma. These contact layers conform to the shape of a wound and are porous to allow exudate to pass through for absorption by an overlying, secondary dressing. These dressings are important because they provide a supportive layer that protects fragile healing tissue, provide pain reduction during dressing changes, and prevents new epithelium from adhering to the primary or secondary dressing.

When should I use a contact layer dressing?

Anytime a wound dressing could adhere to a wound bed, a contact layer dressing should be used. Contact layers can also be used as a liner for deep wounds that need packaging to ensure removal of all packing material. Contact layers are porous to allow exudate to pass through for absorption by an overlaying, primary or secondary dressing. These contact layers are designed to be non-adherent and skin-friendly for wound protection, so they are best suited for fragile, delicate skin.

What contact layer solutions are available with medi's Advancis® line of products?

Silflex® is an atraumatic wound contact layer made from polyester mesh coated with Silflex® soft silicone. This contact layer resides in the "Heal" portion of medi's Wound Therapy Concept as it works to help accelerate restoration of the tissue and wound.

Siltape® is a soft silicone fixation tape (non-sterile) that has perforated sections for easy application - no scissors required.

Breaking the cycle through active healing

The medi Wound Therapy Concept assists patients through the continuum of wound healing. From assessment to active healing and progression to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. medi provides a clear pathway to long-term success, breaking the cycle of chronic wound management