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The Natural Wound-Healing Solution: Activon® Honey by Advancis®

What are the healing properties of honey?

Dating back to ancient times, honey has been used to treat multiple health conditions. Honey actually has antibacterial properties and it can protect against damage caused by bacteria. Some honey can boost special cells that can repair tissue damaged by infection. Honey even has an anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial component that can ease pain and the inflammation surrounding pain. Honey is one of the few nutritive substances that does not spoil. More and more evidence supports that the use of medical-grade honey can be used as a top choice in advanced wound care treatment options. Healthcare professionals are using it as a medicinal substance in their practices for pressure ulcers, foot ulcers, skin tears, lesions, venous ulcers, burns and other chronic wounds. 

What is Manuka honey?

Manuka honey is made from nectar gathered by bees from leptospermum Scoparium plants found in New Zealand. It has high antibacterial properties even when it is diluted up to 50 times and has been shown to be effective against a number of major wound-infecting organisms.

How is Manuka honey used?

Manuka honey is typically placed directly to the wound bed. The honey used to treat wounds is a medical-grade honey, as it is specifically sterilized and prepared as a dressing.  Medical-honey dressings are easy to use and do not cause trauma to the skin during removal. 

How does Manuka honey work in wound healing?

The low pH levels and low water content combined with high levels of methylglyoxal found in Manuka honey create an ideal wound-healing environment that is hostile to bacteria growth and necrotic tissue. Manuka honey creates a moist wound-healing environment and increases oxygenation to the wound which protects the wound bed while promoting autolytic debridement of slough, eschar and non-viable tissue. Manuka honey is effective against Staphylococcus Aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, MRSA, VRE and has no known resistance.

What are the four essential wound-healing functions of Manuka honey?

1.   Antimicrobial:

·         Manuka Honey has a pH of ~3.9 (acidic), creating an inhospitable environment for bacteria growth.

·         Low pH levels improve tissue oxygenation which increases resistance to infection and promotes healing.

·         Super saturated sugar content limits water availability for bacteria.

·         Manuka Honey contains high levels of Methylglyoxal, yielding powerful antibacterial properties.

2.  Odor Control:

·         Eliminates the odor at the source (bacteria), rather than masking it.

·         Removing malodor improves patient confidence and mental well-being.

3.  Autolytic Debridement:

·         100% Manuka Honey creates a moist wound-healing environment, facilitating autolysis by drawing fluid/exudate from the wound through powerful osmotic action, while simultaneously rehydrating devitalized tissue.

·         Safe & effective debridement and desloughing

4.  Granulation & Epithelialization

·         Promotes growth of granulation tissue by drawing up nutrients from the interstitium.

·         Provides glucose to cells that promote epithelialization across the wound.

How to choose the right Manuka honey product for a wound?

There are many products containing honey indicated for wound healing, however many have diluted contents or are a blend and do not use pure Manuka honey. 100% Pure Manuka honey that is color and additive free has significantly higher levels of methylglyoxal than traditional honeys and is considerably more efficient in debridement versus other diluted honey products.

What natural wound-healing solutions are available from medi?

The Activon® products from Advancis® are made with 100% Manuka honey and come in a gel and tulle application.  These dressings are part of the “Prepare” stage of the medi Wound Healing concept. 

Breaking the cycle through active healing

The medi Wound Therapy Concept assists patients through the continuum of wound healing. From assessment to active healing and progression to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. medi provides a clear pathway to long-term success, breaking the cycle of chronic wound management