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What is a Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) Dressing?

Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) dressings are designed to absorb and retain moderate to heavy amounts of exudate in wounds with excessive drainage while maintaining a moist wound bed.  This minimizes maceration and reduces the risk of strikethrough to the outer dressings or garments. When exudate is not appropriately managed, it has been known to slow wound healing and negatively impact a patient’s life, restricting social activities which can result in isolation and low self-esteem. 

When should a SAP dressing be used?

Moisture-management in wound healing is challenging.  Uncontrolled exudate can lead to damage of the peri-wound skin, maceration and delayed healing. Maintaining optimal amounts of moisture, or moisture balance creates the best wound-healing environment.  There are many dressing options to choose from, including hydrocolloids, alginates, foams, and hydrofiber products which all perform some degree of exudate management.

SAP dressings have some of the highest absorption rates and capacities on the market. Patients with "leaky legs" are a good option for SAP dressings as the polymers within these dressings turn exudate into a gel-like substance that controls the moisture balance while easily retaining the excess. This makes the use of SAP products with compression therapy a common application as compression is able to stay in place for extended periods of time while maintaining the optimal wound healing environment. 

What SAPs are available from medi?

The Eclypse® Product collection from Advancis is a broad range of dressings made with the latest technologies with the patient in mind. Eclypse comes in a wide range of sizes and shapes to accommodate most wounds that require heavy exudate management, with the objective being to heal wounds faster, save clinics money and provide the patient a comfortable experience. 

Breaking the cycle through active healing

The medi Wound Therapy Concept assists patients through the continuum of wound healing. From assessment to active healing and progression to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. medi provides a clear pathway to long-term success, breaking the cycle of chronic wound management