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medi® pcs - pneumatic compression system

What is a pneumatic compression device?

These devices, also called intermittent pneumatic compression pumps, are machines used to treat chronic vascular problems including lymphedema and venous insufficiency. These devices use compressed air to apply pressure to the affected limb through a multiple chamber garment or sleeve sized for the designated area. The intention is to promote reabsorption of excess lymph fluid into the lymphatic system and toward the central body compartments of the cardiovascular and lymphatic system where lymphatic drainage should be preserved.  The combined system of the device and the garment deliver a prescribed compression level, duration of treatment time and a sequential cadence. A typical compression treatment session will start with the chamber distal to the body providing more pressure and progressing up the limb through the other chambers to provide a massaging effect that promotes edema and venous blood flow to the core of the body.  


What pneumatic compression devices are offered at medi?

The medi® pcs is the pneumatic compression system from medi that provides at-home, effective edema management to continue lymphedema treatment in the comfort of one’s own home, perfect for today’s new healthcare environment. Not only is it easy for both patients and clinicians alike, but it allows for complete patient independence.  The system is delivered pre-programmed to the physician-prescribed treatment levels with an easy-to-apply garment(s) or sleeve(s).  The unique fill-to-fit technology feature allows patients to begin treatment with a simple click of the “start” button and from there – the system takes over so one can relax!


See how easy it is to get started with a medi pcs product:

medi pcs brio

brio is setting the new standard for basic pneumatic compression. brio is the quality of being active or spirited and vivacious, and brio makes this a reality by putting the patients’ needs first. The brio comes pre-programmed with prescribed treatment settings which means using the device is as easy as it gets. By making the treatment of venous and lymphatic conditions both easy, effective and enjoyable, the brio sets patients up for success and promotes greater independence and enthusiasm for successful therapy, all in the comfort of one’s own home.  Learn More

medi pcs genius | coming soon

genius combines art with science like never before. With its advanced capabilities, the genius goes beyond expectations in promoting patient successes and improved daily living. No condition is too challenging for the genius - give patients renewed motivation and enthusiasm for therapy with custom programs tailored specifically for their needs.


What makes the medi pcs different?

With its easy-to-use touch screen, intelligent design, self-learning-technology and personalized therapy program, the medi pcs pump is a unique pneumatic compression system that allows for patient independence from the comfort of home, with effective treatment that’s easy to use from the start.

Specific features of the medi pcs:

  • Fill-to-Fit Technology
    Self-learning "Fill-to-Fit" technology intuitively assesses and adjusts to each user's limb size during a specific therapy session. Fill-to-Fit technology enables the brio or genius to apply precise, graduated compression regardless of increases or decreases in limb size. This intelligent technology guarantees accurate, effective and safe compression, without exception.
  • Overlapping Chambers: The treatment garments that pair with the pcs brio and genius are designed with overlapping air chambers inside. This special design ensures that gradient compression is applied over the entire limb being treated and doesn’t allow for gaps in treatment. Thanks to overlapping chambers, the potential for pooling fluid or backflow of fluid is eliminated, and instead promotes fast and effective movement of lymph fluid.

  • Individualized Programs
    Both pcs models support the creation of thousands of individualized treatment programs to meet specific patient needs. Users can program treatment times up to 3 hours, define the compression gradient down to 1 mmHg increments, and select from many more custom features – and all of this done in the comfort of one’s own home, easily by the patients’ themselves.
  • Accessibility & Safety
    Full-color touchscreens make programming a breeze. Both models support four languages (English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese) to suit patients' preferred language and ensure they understand treatment protocol. pcs models also contain a safety lock, which can be enabled to prevent changes to prescribed therapy settings. It’s as easy and straightforward as it gets!

Would you like to get more information on the medi pcs brio? Click here! 

Lymphedema Therapy Concept 

The medi lymphedema therapy concept offers indication-adapted care that encourages patient self-management and thus contributes to long-term success in the treatment of lymphedema. medi makes the treatment of lymphedema even more individual than ever before.

medi pcs can be used during ALL stages of lymphedema management in conjunction with other medi products.

Watch these simple videos for instructions and tips on how to most effectively use the medi pcs pneumatic compression system: