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Premium compression for every walk of life

Premium elastic stockings with medical grade efficacy – mediven compression stockings, made by medi, offer German-engineered quality with the look and feel of high-end hosiery. Only you will know its medical compression!

mediven compression stockings offer unique, unmatched quality

With top-of-the-line compression accuracy, our mediven styles are clinically proven to offer precise, graduated compression with a plethora of ready-made sizes available. Our stockings are designed with the latest materials for maximum comfort and ease of application and use – making them much more patient compliant. With a product for every lifestyle, mediven offers a comprehensive product line unparalleled in the market. Patients are unique, and we’ve made our mediven products equally unique. Lastly, we are so confident in the quality of our mediven stockings, we offer the best product warrantee in the industry – a 30-day wear guarantee with a 6-month compression guarantee.

mediven products - Modern treatment for veins and edema 

mediven’s individualized solutions fit every lifestyle with our expansive product options. The comprehensive product lines are always at the cutting edge of development - mediven is the ideal solution for moderate to severe vein disease due to its static and dynamic stiffness properties and its superior edema containment. Discrete coverage and superior softness make it a comfortable choice for everyday therapy.

In contrast to support stockings, medical compression garments have a defined pressure gradient. These can be prescribed by a doctor if needed, and durable medical equipment retailers measure patients for the correct size. Donning aids make it easier to handle the stockings which are used as disease-modifying treatment for vein disease and lipedema and lymphedema.

mediven products are designed to provide comfortable treatment and thus guarantee the best possible treatment outcomes. Each stocking is matched to the needs of patients right down to the smallest detail.

mediven's individualized solutions

Fit every lifestyle with our expansive product options - the comprehensive product lines are always at the cutting edge of development:

mediven sheer and soft – Timeless, elegant stockings for the fashionable woman.

mediven comfort – The most comfortable stocking in its class.

mediven comfort vitality – Your on-the-go compression stocking with a classic, herringbone pattern.

mediven for men classic – Classic sophistication with extraordinary comfort for the business man.

mediven for men select – Casual, everyday men’s sock with flair.

mediven active – Soft, plush socks providing all-day comfort while on the move.

mediven plus – Reliable stockings available in the broadest range of sizes and styles.

mediven forte – Comfortable, secure stocking for easy and dependable wear all day.

mediven harmony – Soft yet strong compression for the arm.

mediven dual layer – Two-layer system for the treatment of active and healed venous ulcers.

mediven flat knit – Optimum, less elastic compression providing all-day stability in an array of colors and patterns

Round-knit mediven compression stockings

They are knitted on a round cylinder and are seamless. The number of stitches in each row is identical. The shape and size of the stocking are determined by the variable stitch size and the differing pre-tension on the compression yarn. The yarn is highly stretchable, which makes the stocking very elastic. The high, resting pressure ensures that the stockings are also effective during long periods of standing or sitting. The controlled compression decreases from the ankle upwards and reduces the diameter of the veins. This enables the valves inside the veins to close again to keep the blood flow on the move, resulting in less swelling and tightness.

Flat-knit mediven compression hosiery

It is made-to-measure, knitted in rows and then closed off with a flat seam. The stocking is shaped by increasing and decreasing the number of stitches. The compression yarn is kept at the same tension and covered, so the stockings are less elastic and have stable walls. Thus, the stocking lies above skin creases and does not cut into the skin. The stronger material ensures constant working pressure over a large area, particularly when the patient moves about. Flat-knit garments are used to treat edematous diseases. After treatment with complex physical decongestion therapy (CPD), flat-knit compression stockings (for example, mediven 550) ensure that fluid does not accumulate in the tissues again.

I feel better is a promise with medi

As the #1 manufacturer of medical compression garments in the world, family-run for over 90 years, with over 65 years of experience in medical compression technology, our mediven line of premium compression is marked by its versatility, numerous combinations, first-class finishing and ease of wear for the ultimate “I feel better” moment. mediven – Feel life better.

mediven comfort arm sleeve
mediven for men classic
mediven comfort below knee
mediven sheer & soft
mediven forte thigh length
mediven mondi compression tights
mediven for men select
mediven 550 leg below knee
mediven comfort vitality