Advazorb Silfix lite foam dressing with contact layer

Absorbent lite foam dressing with Silfix soft silcone contact layer and breathable film backing


  • Suitable for acute and chronic wounds including: cuts and abrasions, superficial burns, surgical wounds, leg ulcers, pressure ulcers and diabetic ulcers.
  •  Low exudate applications

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SIZE4×4 in, 6×6 in
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Advazorb Silfix and Advazorb Silfix Lite dressings are highly absorbent, hydrophilic foam dressings, featuring a soft silicone contact layer for pain-free dressing removal. Made from durable and absorptive foam, the comfort rating from patients and clinicians is significantly higher than other foam products due to its conformability. 


  • Soft and conformable polyurethane foam that rapidly absorbs and retains fluids.
  • The waterproof film backing prevents strikethrough making dressing suitable for use under compression.
  • Low-friction backing combined with soft foam properties makes for high patient and clinician satisfaction ratings.
  • Available in regular and lite versions in a variety of sizes to accommodate a wide range of wounds.
  • Can be cut to meet specific wound sizes and applications.


  • Arterial bleeds, heavily bleeding wounds and vascular fungating tumours.


Advazorb foam dressing

Advazorb Silfix

Advazorb silfix lite