Anne Koncki – Lymphedema Story


Finding mediven compression garments was a huge turning point in my treatment. While I had been wearing off-the-shelf knee-high compression for years prior, the added custom compression I discovered with medi garments enabled me to move forward in my daily life without detrimental effects to my legs, feet and ankles. Thank you, medi, for being reliable and helping me live a life I love.

I grew up watching my younger sister live with lymphedema. While heartbreaking to see her bandage her legs every night and wear compression daily since she was 11, I never thought it was something that could affect me too. I knew lymphedema was in my family because my mom has a mild version affecting both of her feet and ankles as well, and as I entered my mid-twenties, I started wearing compression during long days at work and on flights because it made me feel better. It wasn’t until 29, when I was on a weekend trip to Denver, that my life would change forever. My left ankle swelled like it never had before, making me think I’d sprained it. When I saw my doctor and got an X-Ray, however, nothing showed. Weeks passed and the swelling continued. I came to the devastating realization that my lymphedema had progressed to stage II. This resulted in confusion, anger, frustration and hopelessness. I spent countless hours researching lymphedema and how to manage it. 

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I visited an occupational therapist certified in MLD for the first time and learned valuable tips about the lymphatic system and how to slow down and listen to my body.  I credit my occupational therapist and local Austin company P&H Services for steering me toward these products that would become so tightly woven into the fabric of my daily life.

Now, a year and a half after my lymphedema progressed, I have found a way to live with lymphedema without letting it define me. I bandage my feet and ankles every night and do not go a single day without wearing compression. 

Through MLD, diet changes, a tweaked exercise routine, quality compression and patience I have made strides forward emotionally and physically from the person I was when I first got this diagnosis. I have learned that this condition responds best to consistent care and a healthy lifestyle. Swimming, long walks, yoga, and strength exercises have helped me live the active life I love and benefited my condition. After a long day of work or being on my feet, it is such a comfort to know that mediven products have helped control my swelling for the day. It has been the single most important component of my treatment.

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