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Lumbamed® basic back support
Clima Comfort fabric for all-day comfort

  • Slightly reduces lordosis and pelvic anterotation, improving posture
  • Noticeable relief for the lumbar spine and support of the back muscles
  • The 4 integrated, anatomically shaped dorsal spring ribs can be adjusted manually to ensure perfect fit
  • The proprioceptive compression effect of the support stimulates metabolism, reduces muscular tension and eases pain
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The Lumbamed basic back support assists your lower back and can slightly reduce lordosis. The 4 integrated, anatomically shaped (angle of 35°) dorsal spring ribs can be adjusted or removed to ensure perfect adaption to the anatomy of the lumbasacral region. Furthermore the proprioceptive compression effect exerted by the support stimulates metabolism, reduces muscular tension and is aimed at easing pain.


  • Breathable and moisture-transporting Clima Comfort fabric ensures maximum comfort and hygiene
  • Vent openings in the Vario-Flex pad help to reduce the build-up of body heat and sweat
  • Anatomically knitted to ensure a perfect fit
  • Available as mens' and ladies' version
The elaborately worked knit ensures a balanced microclimate of the skin. Moisture is transported reliably and quickly from the inner surface to evaporate from the outer surface. At the same time, the material’s active breathing structure guarantees the necessary oxygen supply.
The integrated Clima Fresh function has antibacterial actions and reliably prevents odour formation. Bacteria are kept away from the knit to maintain fibre-deep hygiene.
Soft zones in the sensitive areas ensure that the support does not press on or cut into the skin, even when worn all day long.
Material Composition
Polyamide, Polyester, Elastane
Washing Instruction

Wash product by hand, preferably using medi clean washing agent.

Quality Standard
Lumbamed<sup class='copyrighthigh'>®</sup> basic back support Clima Comfort fabric for all-day comfort
  • Lower back pain (lumbago) caused by facet joint disorders
  • Postural muscle imbalance in the lumbar spine
  • Ligamentous disorders
  • Post-discectomy syndrome
  • Slight joint loosening in the lumbar spine
  • E. g. osteochondrosis and spondylosis
  • Irritative conditions of the sacroiliac joint

There are no known side effects if the correctly sized product is fitted as recommended. If unexpected pain, swelling or numbness occurs while wearing the support, remove it and seek medical advice. Particular care is required where the following conditions are present:

  • Diseases or injuries of the skin in the area of use, especially with inflammatory symptoms (excessive warming, swelling or reddening)
  • Sensitivity and perfusion disorders of the legs or feet (e.g. in the case of diabetes)
  • Lymph outflow disorders, as well as unclear swellings of soft tissues, apart from the area of use

Any combination with other products must be discussed in advance with the responsible doctor.

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