We are right in the thick of it – the dogdays of summer. It’s hot, sticky, and sweaty most everywhere. That’s perfect weather for swimsuits, tank tops, and shorts, but you may be thinking it’s not ideal for your compression wear. Well, think again!

Modern compression stockings are breathable. The modern fiber technologies now quickly wick moisture away from the surface of the skin and ensure high breathability, and that proves true with our mediven® compression line.

Our premium product line has a unique technology called Clima Comfort. This technology uses a special yarn that ensures rapid release of moisture from the surface of the skin. Why is that important? It keeps you dry by regulating moisture for optimum comfort all day long, even in the sultry weather.

When moisture builds near the skin, like when it’s hot and humid outside, an insulation layer can be created that makes you feel uncomfortable and heavy.

But, our Clima Comfort technology manages the moisture and prevents heat build-up underneath the stocking. This ensures that moisture can quickly be transported to the outside – and not stuck inside making you more uncomfortable in the heat.

Check out this video to see how our mediven stockings keep legs refreshed all day long while wicking moisture away:

Luckily this improved technology is offered in more products than simply our medical compression line. You can also find this Clima Comfort technology benefit in our orthopedic products as well!

For our orthopedic products, the innovatively crafted knits ensure a balanced skin climate. Moisture is reliably and quickly absorbed from the inside and transported to the outside to evaporate. Simultaneously, the breathable structure of the material ensures the necessary supply of oxygen. What does that mean to you? Wearers do not sweat as easily in their braces or supports and feel more comfortable with continuous air circulation.

This is particularly crucial for orthopedic braces because you want security and a snug fit when you are wearing your support. Excessive sweating can cause migration of the product, but the Clima Comfort technology optimizes the fit and keeps the brace in place for whatever activity comes your way, even in the thick of summer.

Check out our mediven line of premium products and orthopedic solutions to keep you protected this summer!