Nighttime compression garments are a traditional means of providing compression and support during the nighttime, but even during periods of low activity to help manage and treat Lymphedema, edema, and venous conditions. These garments exert less compression than daytime garments, and the foam helps to gently break up tissue fibrosis.

Some patients are surprised to learn that they must wear specialized garments around the clock. That doesn’t mean that you wear the same garment all the time, without ever removing it. Your doctor will likely prescribe garments that should be worn during daylight hours, and separate garments that are appropriate for nighttime wear, while you sleep.

Many compression garments should not be worn during sleep, and some patients may struggle with self-bandaging at night. However, nighttime compression garments can provide an option for those patients looking for comfort and a more compliant management of their lymphedema.

Nighttime compression garments are easier for patients to apply than bandages, saving them time before bed, and can help allow them to sleep in more natural and comfortable positions.

Although they feature gentler compression, nighttime garments continue to help squeeze lymph out of affected tissues. It is meant for patients who experience gradual “refilling” of affected areas during sleeping hours.

Other candidates for nighttime wear include those who experience persistent, localized skin thickening in affected areas.

Who Benefits from Nighttime Compression Wear?

  • Anyone who currently wears a custom or ready-to-wear compression sleeve during the day may benefit from wearing a nighttime sleeve.
  • Those who experience daytime changes in the amount of swelling in affected areas could also benefit from nighttime wear.
  • People who struggle with applying daytime compression due to overnight swelling could benefit from wearing appropriate garments at night.
  • Those with sensitivity issues.

Compression garments with foam chips are nighttime garments that provide a gentle lymphatic massage. The foam pressed into the affected area creates tissue stretch and pressure differentials. This encourages re-absorption of lymphatic fluid and helps move the lymph. Many of these garments are custom-made, but there are ready-to-wear options available as well.

medi® has its own nighttime garment called the circaid® profile, a foam sleeve designed for patients to use at night or for anyone experiencing sensitivity issues. It is made with first-use foam for hygienic confidence and brrr® cooling fabric proven to help keep patients cooler.

From ready-to-wear arm and leg options to custom-designed upper and lower extremity needs, the circaid profile has a full assortment of colors and sizes to allow patients comfortable lymphedema management from their homes.

circaid profile comfort and therapeutic features:

  • Available in custom-made and ready-to-wear in both upper & lower extremity
  • brrr® Triple Chill Effect for temperature reduction of skin
  • Engineered foam creates a massaging effect and promotes airflow
  • Widest variety of RTW sizes for excellent fit
  • 1-year New You! guarantee on custom-made garments for a free reduction alteration when the patient reduces in size

To learn more about the circaid profile and how it provides patients’ flexibility to manage their own therapy from home: