circaid compression anklet

 Light compression and coverage to the foot and ankle


  • Mild lymphedema
  • Edema

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circaid compression anklets provide light compression and coverage to the foot and ankle. circaid compression anklets are available in standard and large sizes, and are typically worn in conjunction with a circaid legging and/or additional circaid food compression.


  • Available in standard and large sizes.
  • circaid compression anklet™ gives light compression to the foot and ankle.
  • Can be worn with the circaid lower legging or in place of a circaid ankle foot wrap (afw).

Size Chart

circaid compression anklet size chart

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The circaid customizable interlocking ankle foot wrap (AFW) provides secure ankle and foot coverage for edema in the foot and ankle areas. The interlocking heel band design provides targeted coverage, and the wrap’s design supports extreme sizes or lobules.

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The circaid juxtafit premium interlocking ankle-foot wrap complements the circaid juxtafit premium legging system. The engineering incorporates state-of-the-art materials with a patented design to create one of the most comfortable and effective compression devices ever. 

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circaid compression anklet