circaid profile arm oversleeve

The circaid profile arm oversleeve for night or recumbent needs is lymphedema maintenance simplified

circaid profile arm sleeve indications:

  • Various stages of lymphedema
  • Edema

Product Variety

SIZE2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Size Chart
COLORMidnight, Grey, Magenta, Blue Giraffe
LENGTHRegular, Long
WIDTHStandard, Extra-wide
STYLESw/ hand, w/o hand
RETAILERSmedi USA Retailer network
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The circaid profile arm energy oversleeve provides 15-20 mmHg of compression when worn over the circaid profile arm sleeve.


  • Made with brrr® fabric, proven to keep you cooler.
  • The profile anchor system keeps the energy oversleeve in place throughout the night.
  • Express your personal style with multiple color options.
  • 30-day fit guarantee.

Ready-to-wear options:

  • Energy oversleeve is available in four color choices
  • Offers the widest ready-to-wear size ranges in the market with 15 sizes and 2 lengths
  • For easy ordering, uses same size chart as mediven harmony

Custom options:

  • High-energy oversleeve option adding an additional 5 mmHg of compression.
circaid profile arm style availability chart


circaid profile arm donning

circaid profile arm measuring

Size Chart

Aids & Accessories

These items can be purchased separately and can be used with the circaid profile arm.

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circaid profile arm oversleeve