circaid profile leg

The circaid profile leg for night or recumbent needs is lymphedema maintenance simplified

circaid profile leg sleeve indications:

  • Various stages of lymphedema
  • Edema

Product Variety

Size Chart
COLORMidnight, Grey, Magenta, Blue Giraffe
LENGTHShort, Regular, Long
WIDTHStandard, Extra-wide
STYLESLeg sleeve
RETAILERSmedi USA Retailer network
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The circaid profile is a foam sleeve designed for patient use at night or for those with sensitivity issues. Made from first-use foam and brrr® cooling fabric, the circaid profile allows patients comfortable lymphedema management from home. Every detail of this product was designed with patient comfort in mind. The engineered foam in the arm sleeve creates a massaging effect and promotes airflow for maximum comfort and support. EZ-on Tabs are included on every sleeve for effortless donning and the profile anchor system keeps the energy oversleeve in place throughout the night. The circaid profile has a full assortment of colors and sizes in both ready-to-wear and custom-made options for lower extremity solutions. Each kit includes a foam sleeve and an energy oversleeve.


  • Made with brrr® fabric, proven to keep you cooler.
  • Engineered foam creates massaging effect and promotes airflow.
  • EZ-on tabs for effortless donning.
  • 1st use Foam for hygienic confidence.
  • profile Anchor System keeps oversleeve in place.
  • 30-day fit guarantee.
  • 4 Energy Oversleeve color options.

Ready-to-wear options:

  • Energy oversleeve is available in four color choices
  • Offers the widest ready-to-wear size ranges in the market with 15 sizes and 3 lengths
  • For easy ordering, uses same size chart as mediven plus

Custom options:

  • Non-skid pad on sole
  • No lateral rise
  • Extended foot to end of toes
  • Fused EZ-on system
  • High-energy oversleeve
  • Lateral rise at D
circaid profile leg style availability chart


circaid profile leg donning

Size Chart

circaid profile leg size chart

Aids & Accessories

These items can be purchased separately and can be used with the circaid profile leg.

circaid profile leg