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The inelastic compression alternative

medi offers the most comprehensive line of compression garments for all individual needs – this includes circaid, a full line of inelastic alternative compression garments – the alternative to short stretch  and multi-layer bandage systems.

circaid provides measurable and instantly adjustable inelastic compression for venous and lymphatic disorders during day and night use. circaid garments promote self-management and thus an increased patient compliance as well as an improved quality of life.

What makes circaid different

Most are unaware that giraffes have venous pressures of more than 250 mmHg at their ankles - three times more than humans. Why is that important?

Giraffe skin is inelastic, meaning that it does not stretch. Thus, giraffes are not susceptible to problems like lymphedema and venous disease, even though they may be on their feet 24 hours-a-day.

Inspired by nature, circaid has incorporated this concept into its inelastic products, designing the "perfect alternative" to traditional compression therapy. The first patented circaid legging (short for circulation aid) was inspired by a giraffe’s inelastic skin – this core technology would evolve into all future circaid products.

circaid products enable patient engagement earlier in the treatment of venous diseases and improve compliance with compression therapy. circaid products empower patients now and provide:

  • Cost effective alternatives to traditional bandaging
  • Safer and simpler treatment compared to bandaging
  • Self-management technologies to improve patient compliance

circaid®'s built-in pressure system™ (BPS) - patented technology

graduated compression profile from the ankle up the leg or from the wrist to the upper arm.

The user-friendly design of the built-in pressure system™ (BPS™) guide card enables patients to achieve the necessary compression ranges for the treatment and management of chronic venous disease and lymphedema.

With the BPS™ guide card, patients are able to set their prescribed compression range while donning their garment and readjust during the day as needed. Therefore, the appropriate compression range is ensured throughout the period of wear.

circaid has a comprehensive product line with many inelastic, adjustable products for venous, lymphatic and wound care applications, featuring both ready-to-wear and custom fit options. No matter the condition, circaid has a solution for every patient. 

medi Lymphedema Therapy Concept

The medi lymphedema therapy concept is a new approach in the treatment of lymphedema. It combines the decongestion phase and the transition phase with the maintenance phase and provides the right products for every stage of treatment.

This simplifies and accelerates the entire patient management process.

What is the lymphedema treatment process?

The medi lymphedema therapy concept is a comprehensive approach in the treatment of lymphedema that provides the right products for each stage of treatment, from the decongestion phase, through the transition phase and finally with the maintenance phase. 

Decongestion Phase Lymphedema: An introduction to treatment plan and limb reduction

The aim is to reduce the circumference of the affected limbs. So, in the first phase of complex physical decongestion therapy (CPD), manual, whole-body lymphatic drainage is performed once or twice a day to promote the return transport of the fluid away from the tissues. A compression is applied after each treatment session and supported by special exercises. When beginning treatment, skin conditions such as fissures or athlete's foot are treated intensively, because an inflammation can cause additional damage. Consistent skin hygiene and care are also important throughout the treatment process. Only pH-neutral cleansing products and creams may be used. 

Compression products used during the decongestion phase include pneumatic compression devices or sequential compression pumps such as the medi PCS, compression bandaging and the use of compression wraps, such as the circaid® reduction kit™.

medi PCS is an offering of pneumatic compression devices that can be used in the treatment of lymphedema and venous-related disorders.  The medi PCS products have patient-friendly features like the self-learning, “fill-to-fit” technology and a multilingual touch screen display. Additionally, the pcs pumps deliver clinical results with use of overlapping chambers and customizable settings to meet each patient’s therapeutic need.

The circaid reduction kit uses Velcro® wrap enclosures to deliver MEASURABLE compression with inelastic Breath-O-Prene® material. The reduction kit is customizable to each patient and can be adjusted throughout the decongestion phase.

Transition Phase Lymphedema: The adjustment from clinic care to self-care

Once the affected limb volumes have plateaued, there is an important period when patients must transition from an in-clinic treatment program to a self-management program.  Education is a key component to an independent life with lymphedema by implementing a manual lymphatic drainage program. Skin care, nutrition and the development of good compression habits are essential to the progression to independence. 

Compression products used in the transition phase are pneumatic compression devices (pumps), bandaging and the introduction to a compression garment like the circaid® juxtafit®.

Maintenance Phase Lymphedema: Long-term independent management of lymphedema

The aim of phase three is to maintain the successes and results gained throughout the clinical treatment process. During the maintenance phase, manual lymphatic drainage should be given at least once a week in winter and twice a week in summer. The additional treatment measures such as special skin care and exercises must not be neglected either during this phase.
At this phase, most patients will incorporate a flat knit compression garment into their collection of therapy products. Flat knit products are perfect for ambulatory patients and can be customized for both therapeutic and lifestyle needs. 

I feel better is a promise with medi

As the #1 manufacturer of medical compression garments in the world, family-run for over 90 years, with over 65 years of experience in medical compression technology, our innovative circaid line of compression alternative wraps allow for patient self-management, crucial for compliance and a continued sense of freedom and independence throughout a patient’s life.

circaid juxtacures lower leg
circaid juxtafit premium leg
circaid reduction kit lower leg
circaid juxtalite compression wrap
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