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Thank you for your interest in medi® USA’s clinical education workshops! We are excited to have you join us for a learning adventure. Each session will be led by a medi USA Clinical Education Manager with support from the local Territory Business Manager.

medi is committed to helping people all around the world live more independent, productive and satisfying lives while managing circulatory, lymphatic and ambulatory issues. medi USA is a world-wide leader in compression therapy products, but along with creating innovative new products, we also value learning and education as vital pillars to success. Our broad range of free workshop offerings are designed to provide educational support for our comprehensive line so that those working with our products are adept at cutting-edge clinical techniques to ensure the best outcomes in clinics and at home. We are proud to offer many training opportunities, from hands-on workshops to webinars and even special “dine and learn” sessions. We hope you’ll join us for an upcoming workshop in your area and learn how medi is driving the future of compression therapy.

Clinical Workshop Offerings:

Master Class Workshop

  • Experience a classroom and didactic educational learning environment, including hands-on product demonstration with mediven® and Circaid® lymphedema compression products
  • Class offered in full and half-day options
  • Agenda and certificates issued for individual OT/PT CEU submission

Expert Solution-Based Workshop

  • Workshop focused on elevating compression solution-based problem-solving skills for the complex lymphedema patient
  • Compression theory review along with completing up to three compression assessments with actual patients to create a creative and effective solution
  • Agenda and certificates issued for individual OT/PT CEU submission

Lymphedema of the Lower Extremity Workshop (LE Lymphedema)

  • Understand the physiology of compression, compression types, concepts of compression application, compression dosages, and proper selection of product
  • Learn how to differentiate between lymphedema, edema and mixed etiology
  • Understand how to approach treatment when precautionary co-morbidities are present
  • Agenda and certificates issued for individual OT/PT CEU submission

Evening Educational Session

  • Specialty two-hour evening clinical education session – with varied topics offered
  • Dinner included

Master Fitter Certification Workshop

  • Workshop focused on certifying fitters with mediven® and CircAid® products including both ready-to-wear and custom-fit products.
  • Review, practice and sign-off on competence with measuring, selecting, fitting, and problem-solving compression garment solutions.

Clinician Workshop

  • Specialty four-hour clinical education session – with varied topics offered.


  • One-hour webinar session focused on advanced clinical and/or product education on specific topics as listed below
  • Program will include live auditory lesson along with question and answer opportunities at conclusion of program

Upcoming Workshops:

*Due to COVID19 we are currently re-planning our workshop schedule. As soon as it is safe and appropriate to start conducting in-person workshops again across the United States we will list them here. Thank you!


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