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Compression stockings

Medical compression stockings and compression socks are a good way to start a healthier venous life. Adequate treatment with medical compression hosiery in case of venous disorders depends on many important factors like the diagnosis or regular doctor visits. The prescriber also decides about the therapy and whether compression socks should be worn or not. With our fashionable and durable range of medical hosiery, you can improve the circulation in your feet and legs which is also very important for women during pregnancy. This way medi compression stockings can noticeably support therapy and help you to start a healthier venous life.

mediven lymphedema garments provide maximum wear-ability and convenience while at the same time offering optimum medical effectiveness. The therapeutic compression and the stiffness of our compression stockings result in high wearing comfort, compliance to treatment and best clinical outcomes. mediven plus compression stocking is for mild to moderate edema whereas mediven 550, mediven mondi and mediven forte compression stockings would be more suitable for lymphedema.

The medical concept behind graduation is such that the reducing pressure from the ankle to the thigh encourages the return of blood to the heart and lymph to the lymph nodes. This is undoubtedly true in the horizontal leg. When the patient stands and walks, other forces come into effect which are much greater than the pressures applied by the stocking, thus the concept of eliminating any restriction at the top of the stocking applies. The manufacture of elastic hosiery graduation is achieved not only by the application of the law of Laplace, but by actively changing tensions and inlaid yarn characteristics as the stocking is knitted. medi run continuous quality control with in-house testing by Hohenstein and Hatra equipment.

We provide medical compression stockings and compression socks for women and men to help treat a number of medical conditions.

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