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Feminine curves with compression pantyhose

Report by Caroline, a lipoedema patient

Lipedema is most often diagnosed in women following puberty, during pregnancy or around the menopause. One patient, who was diagnosed when she had just turned 20, is Caroline. Caroline, who is a media designer, made a virtue out of necessity by founding a blog straightaway, Lipedema fashion, where she and other lipedema patients write about living with lipedema in their arms and legs: as well as talking about liposuction, they also discuss the wearing of compression tights in their every day lives. It is very important to Caroline to look fashionable despite her medical condition. So she has been a fan of compression garments in trend colors for a long time, wearing them to add a special touch to her outfits: Caroline also regularly uses Instagram to pass on styling ideas to patients with lipedema who wear compression garments on a daily basis.

A problem many women find with wearing compression tights is that it gives them a flat bottom: because the fabric is flat knitted, it has the unwanted side effect of compressing their bottoms as well. Until now women who wear compression pantyhose have had to do without a rounded bottom, or “apple bottom”, when wearing jeans or skirts.

medi has designed mediven 550 leg compression tights with a special bottom-shaping fabric: it means lipedema patients too can have an apple bottom and it gives them a much more feminine silhouette. Over the last few weeks, Caroline has been thoroughly testing the new compression tights, which work like shapewear for your bottom, and she has written a blog article about how good the experience was.

Caroline noticed another effect of wearing bottom-shaping compression tights. The new knitted fabric technology makes the panty top far more comfortable to wear and gets rid of the problem of constantly having to tug it back into place. Caroline says, “With my current tights, I hardly ever have to pull the panty top back up, which is so much better than before, and it’s such a fantastic feeling. I might be imagining it, but it hugs my body shape better and helps to keep everything where it’s supposed to be.”

To sum up: compression tights improve quality of life for people with lipedema

The experiences of Caroline and the other lipedema patients who regularly write on the blog show that, with the right compression therapy, you can manage life with lipedema and the tights start to feel like a “second skin”. So it’s possible to have a good figure when you wear compression tights.

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