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Pulmonary embolism – when thrombosis is not treated

If a blood clot forms in a deep leg vein, the blood pools, and the vein becomes inflamed. Besides the pain of the venous inflammation, the complications of deep vein thrombosis are particularly serious; if parts of the blood clot become dislodged from the blockage, they can be swept into the lung via the blood. This causes a pulmonary embolism that can be potentially life-threatening because it can prevent blood from reaching your lungs. The danger of a pulmonary embolism is most prevalent in the first three to five days of thrombosis.

Compression stockings – treating pulmonary embolisms

Compression stockings are typically prescribed to help prevent deep vein thrombosis - usually after surgery or a stroke when there is a high risk that clots will develop. Compression stockings improve circulation and aid in leg health. When circulation is impaired, blood tends to pool in the lower extremities, causing circulatory problems. Graduated compression helps move blood through veins towards the heart.

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