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Beauty & Lifestyle

Feel beautiful - stay beautiful

Our perception of beauty have changed many times over the centuries. Nowadays there are many ways of getting closer to one's own definition of beauty. Read more about the right care for men and women or about the possibilities offered by cosmetic medicine.

Cosmetics & care

Help your skin and give it the moisture it needs. Particularly when you wear compression stockings. Quite simply, by pampering yourself every morning and evening with special products from medi's skin care range. Important: when choosing the products, remember the different needs of your skin: during the day, it needs to be cooled and refreshed, while at night the moisture balance needs to be restored and the upper skin layer given the chance to calm down.

Cosmetic surgery and vein surgery

Spider veins, stretch marks and varicose veins aren't things you have to just accept as your lot in life. The dream of beautiful healthy legs can still become reality with compression stockings, exercise, and minor surgical procedures. 

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