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What are Flat-knit compression stockings?

Flat-knit compression stockings are elastic garments used typically in the maintenance phase of lymphedema. Flat-knit compression garments are usually custom-made and provide the most containment of all the elastic compression garments that can help support lobes and address problems that occur with skin folds. Flat-knit products can be measured to the exact millimeter to provide optimal fit and have the versatility to include special features for therapeutic support, added comfort, compliance options and  design aesthetics.

Flat-knit compression stockings are made-to-measure, knitted in rows and then closed off with a flat seam. The stocking is shaped by increasing and decreasing the number of stitches. The compression yarn is kept at the same tension and covered, so the stockings are less elastic and have stable walls. Thus, the stocking lies above skin creases and does not cut into the skin. The stronger material ensures constant working pressure over a large area, particularly when the patient moves about. Flat-knit garments are used to treat edematous diseases. After treatment with complex physical decongestion therapy (CPD), flat-knit compression stockings ensure that fluid does not accumulate in the tissues again.

mediven® flat-knit compression comes in a multitude of compression classes and containment levels, with endless choices of fabric options, and color and pattern choices to provide the right product for each individual patient to tell each own individual story. 

Compression stockings are available by prescription from medi authorized dealers or medical retailers such as durable medical stores, specialty pharmacies, or orthotic and prosthetic centers with trained individuals who take measurements and provide billing options.

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How do I determine what custom material is best?

From the strongest reliable hold necessary, to a lighter more discreet option, mediven® has options for both lower and upper extremity needs, for primary and secondary lymphedema up to stage 3, and up to lipedema stage 3. Depending on each individual cases’ compression level and indication need, the right mediven flat-knit garment can be chosen for the long-term management of lymphedema. The mediven® flat-knit custom products offer individualized solutions for every patient’s unique shape, delivering optimum compression and containment levels, with endless choices of colors and patterns to make your patients feel better.


What types of mediven® flat-knit garments are available?

There are three flat-knit garment product lines within the mediven family to choose your perfect solution for lower extremity: mediven mondi 350 leg, mediven cosy 450 and mediven 550 leg; and two flat-knit mediven options for upper extremity: mediven mondi 350 arm and mediven 550 arm.

Lower Extremity:

mediven® 550 leg

mediven’s most robust garment, mediven 550 leg, provides high-working pressure to achieve best therapeutic results for patients with skin folds or lobules that require additional support. Its firm and strong material provides extreme durability for primary and secondary lymphedema up to stage 3, and for lipedema up to stage 3. It’s available in compression classes up to stage 4, and has many Fashion and Design-Elements that can be added to increase aesthetics, along with elastic seams available in the panty and gusset sections. For the greatest wall stability and containment level, look no further than the mediven 550 leg. 

NEW mediven® cosy 450

Our newest flat-knit fabric choice, the mediven cosy 450 is a lower leg solution with flexible, supple fabric and elasticity, providing excellent containment for those patients with higher mobility. Its medium wall stability provides high durability while still providing excellent freedom of movement for those patients who live more active lifestyles. Indicated for primary and secondary lymphedema up to stage 2 and lipedema up to stage 3, the cosy 450 has a reinforced sole and heel for added value and stability, and an anatomical foot for a perfect fit. Like the 550, Fashion and Design-Elements can be added to increase aesthetics, along with elastic seams available in the panty and gusset sections.

See the mediven cosy 450 in action!

mediven® mondi 350 leg

For early to mid-stage lower leg lymphedema, mediven mondi 350 provides a soft and comfortable fabric choice for those with sensitive skin structures who require a gentler option. mondi 350 leg has the lightest wall stability of all of the flat-knit variants while still maintaining a high durability. It’s indicated for primary and secondary lymphedema up to stage 2, and lipedema up to stage 2. When looking for a more discreet and soft option, the mondi 350 provides the perfect selection and can even include the incorporation of silver segments for those with softer edema needs.

Upper Extremity:

mediven® 550 arm

The mediven 550 arm provides a custom option for all forms of edema with plenty of design and color additions to satisfy any patient, while providing maximum containment. For moderate to severe lymphedema and lipedema, the 550 arm’s robust material provides the ultimate containment level, with an added flexure zone in the elbow for added comfort. And for those who want to elevate the look of their sleeve, the mediven 550 arm provides both Design and Fashion-Elements. 

mediven® mondi 350 arm

For patients with upper limb lymphedema in stages 1 and 2, mediven mondi 350 arm delivers fashion and effective edema control through customized fit and a variety of choices, ultimately enhancing compliance. This flat-knit option is the perfect choice for those requiring an extra soft material for sensitive skin. The mondi 350 arm also comes with elastic seams for greater range of motion, and knitting marks and oblique borders for added comfort and coverage.

How can I maintain my personal style while wearing compression?

To wearers’ benefit, over the years, compression stockings have evolved to be indistinguishable from traditional hosiery to reflect different lifestyles and patient preferences. From a variety of patterns, design elements, transparency levels, and color motifs, modern compression stockings now complement any wardrobe to reflect individual style while improving overall leg health and wellbeing.

The mediven flat-knit family of products contain an array of vibrant color choices, sophisticated patterned Design and Fashion-Elements, and even Swarovski® crystal additions that can add a pop of flair to any outfit. Wearing flat-knit compression for health reasons doesn’t mean you have to lose your sense of style.

mediven offers Fashion-Elements in the mediven 550 leg and cosy 450 product lines and Design-Elements in the mediven 550 arm and leg, cosy 450 and mondi 350 arm product lines.

This unique collection of patterns and colors perfectly complement any wardrobe. You can mix and match for any 550 leg or cosy 450 style!

Design-Elements: These patterns can be incorporated into most custom garments in any standard or trend color, with specific patterns available for lower and upper extremities.

For lower extremities in the 550 and cosy 450 leg
For upper extremities in the mondi 350 and 550 arm 
Brilliant colors:

From standard to trend, medi has up to 11 color varieties to match any desire!


Swarovski® crystals:

All of the flat-knit product lines, from lower to upper, can be enhanced with exclusive Swarovski® crystals on request. The applications are placed on the stockings at the ankle and placed at the upper or lower arm for upper extremities.

Are there technology features in flat-knit products?

mediven flat-knit products feature unique elements to help with therapy, functionality and compliance, providing all-over comfort for even the most challenging of problem areas. 

Knitting Marks & Functional Zones: medi has a special knitting pattern that creates a softer fabric, with a functional zone that provides even more wearing comfort due to its expansion during movement in areas of flexion like the knee, elbow and toe regions. 

Anti-slip silicone dots: With no seams, the anti-slip silicone dot features allow for improved stretch of the garment.

Oblique Borders: Providing optimum fit and a better grip, medi’s oblique borders give unimpeded lymph drainage without circular constriction to prevent migration. 

Silk-Lining: This feature allows for ease of application and added comfort in troublesome areas that become irritated with direct contact with the garment.

Levamed: This fabric enhancement provides additional support for small lobes and ankles to help with decongestion around the malleolus. 

Lymph pads: medi lymph pads can be designed into the garment to help decongest fibrotic tissue and other challenging areas that may need more therapy.