Dominique Rogers – Lymphedema Story

My name is Dominique Rogers and I am 32 years old. I was born and raised in Hartford Ct. I am a career Fire Fighter and a part-time EMT. When I was 15, I rolled my ankle playing ball and it started to swell. My Mom had me put ice on it but the next day my whole leg was swollen. That year I was diagnosed with Primary Lymphedema at Children’s Med Center but no one knew about treatment. When I was 17, my Mom learned about a Lymph Program at Mt Sinai Rehab and we meet Michelle. Michelle not only treated me but also my Mom after she developed Lymphedema due to breast cancer. To this day, many people are still unaware of this disease and 17 years later I am still battling the condition but I do not let it define me or anything I choose to do in life.

Because of my experiences, I have created an awareness brand called:@theprocess2progress” (Instagram) where I am promoting awareness for lymphedema while letting other people like myself know the importance of never giving up on yourself. On the website, I will post interviews, educational information, and “feel good” stories. I want everyone to know that everything takes time, everything is a process and I do not let my condition define me. Instead, I incorporate controlling my lymphedema into my everyday life.

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