Donning and Doffing medi Calf Stockings is not hard once you understand how.

Key Points: Donning and Doffing medi Calf Stockings

Donning (putting on) and doffing (taking off) compression stockings, such as medi Calf Stockings, can be a bit tricky, especially if you’ve never done it before. Below are the steps for each.


  1. Start your day by putting on your medi Calf Stockings first thing in the morning before any potential swelling can occur.
  2. Hold the stocking by the top band and turn the upper half inside out.
  3. While sitting, gather up the stocking so that the heel pocket is right at the back of your hand.
  4. Slip your foot into the stocking as far as the heel pocket, ensuring that the heel of the stocking aligns with your own heel.
  5. While keeping your heel in place, pull the stocking over your foot and up your leg. Unroll the rest of the stocking over your calf without twisting or bunching.
  6. The top band of the stocking should be below your knee. Make sure the stockings are smooth against your skin without any wrinkles.
  7. Use your hand to smooth out any wrinkles. Be sure not to pull on the stocking top, as it can cause it to overstretch or tear.


  1. While sitting, hold the top band of the stocking and slowly roll it down your leg.
  2. When the stocking is off your calf, you can pull it over your heel and off your foot.
  3. Avoid pulling on the top of the stocking to remove it, as this can cause it to overstretch or tear.

Extra Tips:

  • You may want to wear rubber gloves. This can help you get a better grip on the stockings and avoid damaging them with your fingernails.
  • There are also special aids available to help put on and take off compression stockings. If you have difficulty with mobility, flexibility, or strength, these aids can be very helpful.
  • Be sure to wash your stockings regularly following the manufacturer’s instructions. This helps them maintain their elasticity and effectiveness.
  • Lastly, keep your skin and nails smooth and clean. Rough skin or nails can damage the stockings.

Please always consult your healthcare provider or a specialist for personal advice.