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Compression therapy for every lifestyle

duomed is the newest line in medi’s comprehensive world of compression products. With duomed, you will experience a line of compression garments that provide comfortable, graduated compression to promote venous & lymphatic health. Offering a line of value compression unmatched on the market today,

duomed stockings are supple, elastic and durable. Quality stockings at a value, without compromising quality. 

What makes the duomed line different?

We offer 5 product offerings in this value line, whereas our competitors have at most three. We offer the most color options available – a whopping 10! With 5 sizes in our portfolio, duomed has the broadest range for the best fit in an economy stocking. We also offer stylish patterns, unlike any other competitor because in a world full of exciting choices, it’s nice to have economical variety! We also offer a maternity panty option, which is a standalone feature amongst other value competitors on the market – pregnancy shouldn’t prevent anyone from affordable compression with quality features, too!

duomed products - Affordable luxury

medi understands that compression shouldn’t be a luxury afforded to just a few. The benefits of quality compression should be enjoyed by all, and duomed has an array of styles and colors for every consumer fancy. 

duomed transparent is the ideal medical compression stocking for fashion-conscious women interested in their vein health. With a sheer, stylish look, smooth, breathable fibers that are easy to apply, and lightweight, soft material for all-day wear, duomed transparent naturally matches any outfit with an array of fashionable patterns so that only you will know you’re wearing a compression stocking.

duomed freedom is a vibrant compression sock for men and women, with a classic, striped design able to match any outfit. The sock features a variety of subtle or eye-popping colors and opaque material to hide blemishes, blending seamlessly into a casual or work environment, or it can be the star of your outfit. Its soft material allows for easy handling so that only you will know it is a compression sock.

duomed patriot offers a classic ribbed sock for everyday wear, that is ideal for casual, active and professional outfits. Patriot is made for all-day wearing comfort with a wide, comfortable top band and a reinforced heel for added durability.

duomed advantage socks and stockings for men and women provide soft, opaque coverage and support to treat the symptoms of vein disease. With a soft, luxurious feel, duomed advantage will keep you feeling comfortable and rejuvenated all day long, and the opaque material hides slightly blemishes to help you feel your best while on the move. 

duomed relax is the perfect compression sock for all-day comfort. Thanks to extra padding on the heel and foot bed, everyday activities become much more comfortable and relaxing. Refresh your legs while relaxing or through any activity. The material provides breathability and added comfort for improved leg health.

How compression therapy works

Compression garments are specially designed to support your veins and increase circulation in your legs. They apply graduated pressure to the leg, with pressure greatest at the ankle that decreases as the material goes up the leg. This provides support to your legs and veins, assists with circulation and minimizes swelling. The graduated compression also works in conjunction with the natural pumping action of the calf muscles which occurs when moving to further assist with circulation.

The veins in the legs ensure the return flow of blood back to the heart. The venous valves in the veins function like non-return valves, which only allow the blood to flow in one direction, namely in the direction of the heart, and thus prevent blood pooling in the legs. A lack of exercise and too much standing or sitting places considerable pressure on the venous system for many hours of the day.

If the calf's muscle pump no longer adequately supports the return transport of the blood, the veins widen and the venous valves no longer close properly, causing the legs to grow tired and heavy. Swelling, and socks or shoes cutting into the skin, are a sign of this. Spider veinsvaricose veins or leg ulcers may develop later as a result.

Why you should wear compression therapy

Graduated medical compression is one of the easiest and most effective ways to manage the symptoms of vein disease. duomed compression garments can help reduce swelling in the legs, relieve pain, and prevent the progression of vein disease all while at an affordable cost. Even if you do not have visible signs of vein disease, you can benefit from wearing a compression garment that will improve your blood flow, keep your legs feeling fresh and energized and prevent the development of complicated vein problems from forming or worsening. Only the medically correct pressure gradient guarantees medical efficacy.

I feel better is a promise with medi

As the #1 manufacturer of medical compression garments in the world, family-run for over 90 years, with over 65 years of experience in medical compression technology, our duomed line of value compression is marked by its affordability without compromising the quality that medi stands for.

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