Easier and compliant Medicare billing for compression therapy products

The lymphedema community is beginning to digest the new reimbursement rules and requirements for the billing of lymphedema compression garments. The Center for Medicare Services (CMS) has adequately approved the allocation of 3 “daytime” compression garments per affected body part.  Garments may be replaced at a schedule of every 6 months. Products such as elastic and flat-knit graduated compression stockings in ready-to-wear and custom formats in the mediven® and duomed® collections are considered daytime garments.  Additionally, the circaid® adjustable compression wraps in ready-to-wear and custom also fall into the daytime category.

This creates a wrinkle in the current distribution of many lower extremity graduated compression stockings as they are typically sold in pairs in the ready-to-wear format.  Effective immediately, medi® has individual (single) units available in the appropriate mediven and duomed product lines for the treatment of lymphedema.  

By offering single stockings, it is easier to bill out as each, which is compliant in the new Medicare guidelines. This will make for a much easier and cleaner invoice and avoids having to explain the unit of measure difference if an audit occurs.

We will continue to provide real-time updates as we learn how best to service the Lymphedema Community that we all serve.

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duomed® Ready-to-Wear Singles Portfolio:

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