Eclypse Contour Superabsorbent dressing

Unique shaped dressing for moderate to heavy exudate applications of torso, thigh, and lower leg


  • Moderate to heavily exuding wounds including: Leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, sloughy or granulating wounds, post operative sutured or dehisced wounds, fungating wounds, donor sites and patients with fragile skin
  • Can be used as a Primary dressing on wounds where exudate management is required in a clean wound
  • As a Secondary dressing for exudate management, where another primary dressing has been applied for treatment of the wound bed e.g. Collagen, Manuka Honey or Alginate

Product Variety

SIZE12×20 in
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The Eclypse Contour Super Absorbent Dressing provides a completely new and innovative design to the Eclypse range, which will uniquely mold to the body, ensuring optimum contact with the wound and effective exudate management. It is designed to reduce nursing time and the cost associated with this, as the dressing doesn’t need to be changed as often. The size and shape of the Eclypse Contour has been specifically designed to treat highly exuding wounds in difficult to dress areas, such as the underarm, abdomen, back, lower leg. Eclypse Contour Super Absorbent (SAP) Dressing is a highly absorbent, high capacity wound exudate management dressing, designed to absorb fluid, reduce potential leaks, and reduce risk of maceration.


  • The patient trauma associated with a high frequency of change is reduced.
  • Soft and conformable, patients will experience a comfortable, secure fit.
  • Can be used safely under compression thanks to an added layer that spreads exudate evenly across the dressing, reducing sub-bandage pressure.
  • Water resistant backing prevents strike-through.
  • CrystaLock technology locks away bacteria to prevent the risk of infection.


  • Do not use Eclypse on arterial bleeds and heavily bleeding wound.
  • Do no cut.


Eclypse Superabsorbent dressing

Eclypse Superabsorbent dressing features

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