Gail – Lymphedema Story

No matter what activity I participate in and throughout my waking hours, mediven is my constant companion. Without mediven, I would have difficulty maintaining and keeping my lymphedema stable. The compression garment that medi manufactures is highly appreciated for its comfort, styling, and compression value. I wasn’t always in need of compression stockings. As a young woman I contracted HPV, which led to Stage IV cervical cancer. In 1989, a radical hysterectomy was performed to remove the tumor, and 3” of lymph node tissue was abstracted on either side of my uterus. Following several years of being cancer-free, in 1991, I made the decision to endeavor upon my lifelong dream of bicycling across America, coast to coast. However, this was not to be. After cycling through Washington, Idaho, Glacier/Waterton National Park, and part of Montana, I contracted a bacterial infection. It entered my body through a sore derived from long-distance cycling, known as a saddle sore.

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This infection led to chronic lymphedema in my right lower extremity. Since 1991, I have been battling lymphedema in my right leg. In spite of this condition, I attempt to lead an active lifestyle which is a part of my identity and from which I derive great pleasure from. I have completed 17 marathons, 10 of them with lymphedema. Additionally, I continue bicycling. Every year, I aspire to meet my goal of bicycling my age in miles on my birthday. In 2020, I completed my 65-mile “birthday ride” (1 extra mile for good luck). For me, the prominence and significance of the mediven stockings in my life is comparable to gold. Thank you for being a crucial part of my life.

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