Why protect Foot Supports from medi®?

The protect Foot Support line by medi was devised to produce unique products that stand out in crowded marketplace and is supported with high level of service, with the ultimate goal of delivering solutions for patients and customers to “feel better”.

Products meticulously crafted to meet specific indications and needs of the patient

Use of layered sheets to customize the treatment to a specific indication

Handcrafted and German engineered to maximize performance and value through attention to detail and use of high-quality components

Hydrofresh interface layer regulates moisture with enhanced stability

Heat moldable proving additional customization to each individual foot:

  • protect. foot supports Comfort/ Comfort Pro
  • protect. foot supports Active
  • protect. foot supports Junior

Product chart by application:

Product selection by footwear

The product portfolio:

The Active insole cushions feet during athletic activities with a targeted footbed with strategic support.

The Plantar Fasciitis insole relieves pressure in the heel area and along the plantar fascia to ease foot pain.

The Control insole enables a stabilization of the painful joint through a controlled rolling movement relieving foot pain.

The Comfort insole has been specially developed for  feet that require extra cushioning such as diabetic or arthritic feet.

The Business insole offers excellent support and comfort for feet in fashion and business shoes.

The Ballerina Pro insole offers excellent support in low profile women‘s shoes.

The Junior insole has been developed specifically to provide maximum support and improved stability for feet from children through adults.

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