Plantar Fasciitis Solutions

To alleviate this painful condition, CEP® offers a Plantar Fasciitis sleeve that supports the arch with medi® compression knit and reduces overstretching of the tendons in the foot, stabilized by the compression itself and via sensomotoric stimulation.

Improved circulation is also a benefit of the sleeve thanks to an integrated massaging zone that is knitted into the fabric that lies under the plantar fascia, leading to reduced swelling and pain.

This sleeve is comfortable to wear, so much so that it can be worn day or night, during activity or recovery, or even under socks due to its low profile.

medi footcare solutions provide relief with a range of insoles

medi’s wide range of both heat-moldable and trim-to-fit insoles aid in relieving a variety of conditions, including plantar fasciitis.

Plantar fasciitis-focused insoles treat symptoms by delivering targeted relief of pain at the heel of the foot. These are handmade, condition-specific inserts that are adaptable to many types of footwear. With multiple layers of material, cushioning and support are provided exactly where they are needed most.

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