Plantar Fasciitis Solutions


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medi footcare range of insoles provide relief

Insoles can relieve pressure in the heel area and along the plantar fascia. The benefits of these insoles include padding in the heel and a multi-layered core which provide excellent pain relief.

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medi’s wide range of both heat-moldable and trim-to-fit insoles aid in relieving a variety of conditions, including plantar fasciitis.

protect ortho footsupport plantar fasciitis insole Infographic
protect ortho footsupport plantar fasciitis pro insole Infographic metatarsal pad

Plantar fasciitis-focused insoles treat symptoms by delivering targeted relief of pain at the heel of the foot. These are handmade, condition-specific inserts that are adaptable to many types of footwear. With multiple layers of material, cushioning and support are provided exactly where they are needed most.

Education Opportunities

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Education Opportunities

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