How to treat lymphedema with compression therapy?

Our goal at medi® is to provide effective healthcare products that allow our patients to thrive and live. We do this by partnering with our clinical colleagues and fitter community as a team to achieve the best patient outcomes through effective healthcare concepts.

We target effective compression solutions to treat your patients through personalized, guideline-compliant solutions to help people live better lives. We effectively treat lymphatic diseases by combining the decongestion, transition, and maintenance phases through our lymphedema therapy concept.

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medi® lymphedema treatment concept:

How does compression work for treatment of lymphedema?

At medi, we offer a new approach in the treatment of lymphedema, by introducing compression garments in the decongestion and transition phase of treatment to better engage with the patient. With this approach, medi focuses on a pathway to patient self-management, empowering the clinician with products and support to lead patients through the treatment process. The comprehensive product offering from medi allows clinicians to match appropriate garments with the individualized needs of patients, driving compliance and positive outcomes.

lymphedema treatment phase 1

Compression products used during the decongestion phase include pneumatic compression devices or sequential compression pumps such as the medi® pcs), compression bandaging, and the use of compression wraps, such as the circaid® reduction kit™ . The product work in concert to help reduce limb volume to a manageable size.

lymphedema treatment phase 2

Compression products used in the transition phase are pneumatic compression devices (pumps) bandaging, and the introduction of a compression garment like the circaid juxtafit or the circaid profile, a foam sleeve designed for patient use at night or those with sensitivity issues.  The goal is to give the patient some flexibility during the adjustment to self-care prior to going into long-term garments.

lymphedema treatment phase 3

The long-term management of lymphedema focuses on enhancing the function of the lymphatics, limiting further deterioration of swelling to gain long-term control of the condition. At this phase, most patients will incorporate a flat-knit compression garment into their previously established collection of therapy products. Flat-knit products are perfect for active patients and can be customized for both therapeutic and lifestyle needs.

The ultimate goal of our treatment process is to:

  • Maximize treatment time
  • Minimize out-of-pocket supply costs
  • Prepare for the long-term
  • Create independence
  • Positive results