circaid®: Inspired by nature

The idea and development of circaid products are founded upon the giraffe. The founder, Frank Shaw, created the first inelastic compression device based upon the anatomy of the giraffe leg. In contrast to humans, the skin of giraffes does not expand on the legs. Due to the high density of inelastic collagen fibers and the relatively thick top layer of skin, the tissue pressure of giraffes is increased, promoting lymphatic and venous return flow. Giraffes thus carry permanent natural compression.

circaid profile

The circaid profile is a foam sleeve garment designed for patient use at night or for those with sensitivity issues. Made from first-use foam and brrr°cooling fabric, the circaid profile allow patients comfortable lymphedema management from home. The circaid profile has a full assortment of colors and sizes in both ready-to-wear and custom options for both upper and lower extremity solutions. 

circaid® profile

Hover over each icon to explore the unique features that come in the circaid profile ready-to-wear garments:

Looking to add on to the circaid profile with more custom options? Check them out here.

Easy sizing options for patients

The circaid profile offers the widest range of ready-to-wear sizes in the market with 16 sizes and 2 lengths in the upper extremity and 3 lengths in the lower extremity. Designed for easy measuring and sizing selections, the circaid profile ready-to-wear can be matched with other medi product’s sizing parameters. The upper extremity garment uses the same sizing as mediven harmony and comfort knit sleeves and the lower extremity garment sizing matches the mediven plus calf stocking. To view our easy sizing charts, click here.

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How does the circaid profile fit into the therapy concept?

The medi® lymphedema therapy concept is a comprehensive approach to the treatment of lymphedema that provides the right products for each stage of treatment, from the decongestion phase, through the transition phase, and finally to the maintenance phase.

lymphedema therapy concept