circaid reduction kit compression wrap from medi USA for lymphedema being trimmed

Acute lymphedema decongestion and maintenance product

What is the circaid® reduction kit™: Patient Independence for long-term success

The inelastic compression system, the circaid reduction kit, grants patients a previously unattainable level of independence during treatment of late-stage lymphedema. The reduction kit engages the patient in their therapy from day one. With its unique component approach, therapists can build the solution they need to meet their patients’ individual requirements. These components can be used in isolation or in combinations per the patient’s requirement. This freedom and flexibility allow patient empowerment as they can continue their therapy away from the clinic, improving overall outcomes. Progress can be tracked with each visit and as decongestion occurs, the components can be adjusted for optimal continued use and maintenance.

What compression garments are used for the treatment of lymphedema?

An assortment of compression products may be used by a Certified Lymphedema Therapist or CLT based on the individual treatment plan and past experiences. These compression product groups include:

  • Compression garments
  • Adjustable compression wraps
  • Pneumatic compression device or compression pumps

Each product group has its strengths and weaknesses that many times are united to achieve the best patient outcomes.  When assessing product selection, therapists need to consider the following:

  • Stage of lymphedema and product containment level
  • Shape of limb – lobes and folds can create unique challenges
  • Patient ability
  • Length of treatment time
  • Long term success -life after treatment
;ymphedema patient and therapist adjusting circaid reduction kit arm compression wrap
This produces great satisfaction, motivating the patient to participate in their lymphedema therapy experience!
The patient’s significant larger lower legs would not fit in many inelastic options, and medi is the only company that support such dynamic shapes to the compression item
There is such an ease of its use and making the necessary adjustments, that it doesn’t make sense to use anything else.
I utilize the Circaid Reduction kits frequently in my clinic, so when I was presented with an unusual request to treat a horse that was scheduled to be euthanized, I thought “what could it hurt”!

What are the available circaid reduction kit components?

The use of the circaid reduction kit as a core tool in the lymphedema treatment process continues to expand. Therapists and patients find the adjustable compression wrap system provides acute lymphedema decongestion and maintenance product. In some cases, the reduction kit is used as a primary treatment too due to:

  • High level of containment
  • Ease of application
  • Measurable compression
  • Adjustability through the course of treatment

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