circaid® Reduction Kit™


How can compression garments be used for lymphedema decongestion?

circaid® reduction kit™: THE complete alternative to bandaging

The innovative, inelastic bandaging system, the circaid® reduction kit™, will grant patients a previously unattainable level of independence for the initial treatment of lymphedema. The reduction kit engages the patient in their therapy from day one. With its unique component approach, patients can build the solution they need to meet their individual requirement. These components can be used in isolation or in combinations per the patient’s requirement. This freedom and flexibility allows patient empowerment as they can continue their therapy away from the clinic, improving overall outcomes. Progress can be tracked with each visit and as decongestion occurs, the components can be adjusted for optimal continued use and maintenance.

What are the available circaid reduction kit components?

There are multiple solutions within the reduction kit family, from arm and leg, to hand and foot and even pieces to fit extreme sizes. Accessories for added containment or enhanced mobility also make up the vast collection in the reduction kit family.

circaid reduction kit lower extremity products

circaid reduction kit knee spine

Knee with adjustable spine  gives an inelastic, focused solution for the center of the leg, from right below the knee to the mid-thigh area.

circaid reduction kit knee spine

Knee with adjustable spine  gives an inelastic, focused solution for the center of the leg, from right below the knee to the mid-thigh area.

 circaid reduction kit lower extremity products


Upper leg features an inelastic compression wrap for the leg from mid-thigh and up.


Knee with adjustable spine  gives an inelastic, focused solution for the center of the leg, from right below the knee to the mid-thigh area.


Lower leg features an inelastic compression wrap from just above the ankle to just below the knee, encompassing the entire lower leg with adjustable compression.


Customizable ankle-foot-wrap is an adjustable, inelastic compression option for foot lymphedema.


Power added compression (PAC) band provides added compression for the foot around the forefoot and ankle that can be customized for each individual foot.


Toe cap is a new foot piece solution featuring 20-30 mmHg compression that provides supplemental decongestive efforts for edema patients.


Lobe accessory This new, one-of-a-kind application provides a solution to compress lobes with both upper and lower leg components to lift and support those difficult areas on challenging patients. 


Arm sleeve is an inelastic compression sleeve for early-phase decongestion. 


Customizable hand wrap is an adjustable inelastic compression option for hand and wrist lymphedema.


Glove replaces hand and digit bandaging with a better sizing range, trimmable finger lengths for a custom fit, easy application for patient freedom, and 20-30 mmHg level of compression that promotes patient independence.

circaid reduction kit accessory products:

Shelf strap offers additional support and coverage to shelves and lobules that may be present on limbs or to provide extra coverage on any potential gaps that may appear between straps.


Extension piece allows for increased circumference of the reduction kit upper and lower leg components for especially wide limbs.


Cover up is a silky, smooth cover for use over circaid compression wraps to prevent snagging, make application of clothing easier and it provides discreet coverage of the circaid garment.

What are the technology features in the reduction kit?
Breathe-O-Prene® is a breathable, flexible and comfortable material for best-wearing comfort.
Juxtaposed band system

Juxtaposed band system ensures a perfect fit as the straps can be individually adjusted while on the limb.

Built-In Pressure

Built-In-Pressure system: Gives patients the ability to individually adjust their prescribed compression range when donning circaid products and readjust throughout the course of the day with the BPS-patented technology.

Built-In Tension

Built-In-Tension System supplies repeatable and measurable tension for consistent use.

Easy Handling

Easy handling makes for simple donning and doffing that promotes patient empowerment.

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