medi® pcs genius

The medi® pcs genius is an advanced lymphedema pump for the easy, safe and effective treatment of late-stage lymphedema. The genius has all of the pcs features of fill-to-fit technology, overlapping chambers, and patient safety and use benefits along with technical treatment programs that the healthcare provider can implement to customize treatment for each specific patient.

Decongestion Mode:

This is the default pretreatment setting that clears proximal pathways in preparation for fluid movement from distal area. This is an optional mode that can be turned off.

Sequential Mode:

Inflates each chamber starting distally and moving proximal until the last active chamber is Inflated, then all chambers vent simultaneously.

Peristaltic Treatment Modes:

Peristaltic Single Wave:
(Default setting) Inflates and deflates a single chamber moving distal to proximal.

Peristaltic Dual Wave: Inflates and deflates a leading and trailing chamber simultaneously forming two pressure waves moving distal to proximal.

Peristaltic Power Wave: Inflates and deflates an adjacent leading and trailing chamber simultaneously forming a wide pressure wave moving distal to proximal.

Focus Mode:

Allows a 4-chamber zone therapy cycle in 1 or 2 independently programmed target areas. Focus cycles can be run between standard treatment cycles, continuously, or at the end of treatment.

Available in:

  • Upper extremity – 10 chambers
  • Full leg – 10 chambers
  • Lower leg – 6 chambers
  • Single or bilateral use

Programmable features:

  • Compression levels
  • Treatment duration
  • Compression step value by chamber
  • Inflation time
  • Language
  • Patient lock on/off
  • Pretreatment therapy
  • Treatment therapy
  • Focused therapy