medi vision digital scanning for custom compression garments collage

What’s the best way to measure custom compression garments?

Compression garments are critical in restoring proper blood flow. In addition, with correct garment fitting, it can provide circulatory relief as well as a pain treatment for your feet and legs.

Custom garments are made of strong, breathable material that compresses your legs. fitted exactly and precisely for each individual lymphedema patient.  Custom garments require a customized fitting, and the wrong size or compression can make the whole fitting experience feel uncomfortable. Due to the challenges associated with the custom-fitting process, medi® created a modern scanning technology called the medi vision® that makes the traditional measuring process considerably easier. The digitally collected measuring data is automatically integrated into the ordering process and replaces the need to fill in order forms by hand.

What is the medi vision: the measuring tool to create a better fitting experience?

The medi vision® is the first fully integrated patient measuring system utilizing the latest 3D scanning technology to create a perfectly fit custom compression garment. A 3D image of the arms or legs is created with exact length and circumference measurements. This custom data is then entered directly into the digital measuring sheet where the order can be completed. This new measuring tool creates a better fitting experience for all involved – from the clinician to the patient and the dealer.

Benefits for the clinician:

  • Better patient outcomes through more precisely fit garments.
  • More time spent on the treatment of lymphedema

Benefits for the Dealer:

  • Streamlines communication to deliver garments more efficiently.
  • More time for a range of tailor-made products and individually advising your customers.

Benefits for the patient:

  • Fast and easy for the patient
  • Creates an accurate garment with less human error

Thanks to its compact size and minimal space requirement, medi vision can be used on-the-go, in medical shops, clinics, at a fitting center or during home visits.

Full scans can be completed in 90 seconds! No prolonged standing or awkward fitting situations with measuring tape.

Time-saving measuring and ordering leaves extra time for education or treatment. The scans are Integrated into the medi ordering system for easy product selection and transferred into production queue for final order approval.

Decreases inevitable human errors while maintaining the “artistic” integrity of the fitter.

All of this together creates better therapeutic and patient outcomes- and most importantly, more time can be dedicated to the management of patient treatment and education.

medi vision custom compression garment digital measurements

What custom lymphedema products are available from medi?

group of lymphedema & lipedema patients in mediven flat knit compression garments

mediven® flat-knit
compression stockings

Flat-knit compression garments are made with select yarns that provide various degrees of containment for edema-holding power.  These garments are custom measured per patient for both upper and lower extremities with multiple ordering options for color, pattern and added features. These garments are used in the maintenance phase of lymphedema.

circaid® inelastic
compression wraps

circaid has been the undisputed pioneer and leader in the inelastic compression segment. These products provide maximum containment due to their inelastic nature, can be easier to apply than stockings, and have compression adjustability for use during the day and night. circaid garments promote self-management and thus increase patient compliance as well as improved quality of life.

man in circaid juxtalite compression wrap for the lower leg
women sleeping in nighttime compression sleeve, circaid profile for upper extremity

circaid® profile
Nighttime Compression

One of the most comfortable and effective ways to manage lymphedema at night is with a quality compression foam sleeve.  A nighttime sleeve provides a gentler compression level in comparison to daytime garments. This allows for more comfortable relaxation and prevents the limbs from swelling and reaccumulating fluid throughout your sleep.

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