Orthopedic Solutions

medi® orthopedics offers a comprehensive range of braces and supports to immobilize joints while at the same time maintaining the maximum possible mobility for recovery. As the best-case scenario, the orthopedic braces can be used for prevention of injuries or inflammatory diseases. After accidents, falls or impacts, orthopedic aids can be used to get back in shape quickly. Additionally after operations, they can ensure an effective, controlled rehabilitation as post-operative care. medi orthopedic supports and braces are the optimum solution whatever the injury or recovery situation. Providing the best possible conditions to help you get back on your feet – that’s the aim of medi orthopedics.

We take education and training seriously by investing in a multitude of webinars, workshops, on-demand learning, and in-service training to deliver the “i feel better” promise.

Functional Therapy

Before functional orthoses came along, patients were often immobilized for weeks or even months by casts. Today, medi proudly helps keep patients mobile even throughout rehabilitation or treatment with functional therapy through the use of orthoses.

Wearing an orthosis can help patients once they begin to attend therapy as well. They may already be more mobile and ready to receive treatment. Additionally, painkiller usage is reduced when alternative solutions like the use of orthoses are introduced.

Within the medical and healthcare industry, times are changing and so are opinions. Patient care is
now undoubtedly at the forefront of today’s medical and surgical treatments, with particular attention being paid to:

  • Prevention: a best-case scenario
  • Therapy: patient care with highest priority
  • Post-operative care: a necessary focus
  • In this respect, ‘functional therapy’ focuses on the patient’s prompt return to activity not only after trauma, but also in the case of degenerative diseases like osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

Functional therapy promotes freedom – the freedom to be active. medi orthopedics has therefore developed an ‘intelligent’ functional therapy product range, designed to treat the deficiencies in our locomotive system with specific emphasis being placed on joint function, treatment, protection and rehabilitation.

The medi orthopedic goal is to introduce and establish one further element to the surgical, physical, pharmaceutical, and physiological therapies of modern-day comprehensive medicine:

Functional therapy with braces and supports provides one element of a successful, overall treatment and rehabilitation of patients. Comfort while wearing, ease of use and functionality decide the success.

In close cooperation with doctors and orthopedic technicians, medi orthopedics has developed innovative products and product concepts, which – depending on the goal of the therapy – are effective in:

  • Supporting and improving mobility
  • Unloading damaged joint areas
  • Securing joint functions
  • Reassuring and activating the patient

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Please reach out to us for any demo, in-service training, literature, and webinar needs. We are always taking requests to provide the best support available.

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