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Supports and orthoses strengthen your patients: Trust the science

It used to be the case that patients who suffered from joint injuries and diseases were disabled for weeks due to wearing casts. Today, there are other aids that facilitate patient mobility during rehabilitation. Amongst other methods of therapy, supports and orthoses from medi® can be an important part of of conservative care. These orthoses support, fixate and mobilize the motor system. Numerous representative patient surveys and studies demonstrate this. 1,2,3,4

On behalf of eurocom, the polling Institute for public opinion in Allensbach investigated how intensively supports and orthoses are used. Furthermore, the 435 users of supports and orthoses were asked whether the aid affected the pain they experienced.

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The result:

  • Patients wear supports and orthoses regularly.
  • The aids significantly assisted in their therapy.
  • It was possible to reduce or stop the consumption of painkillers by using supports and orthoses.

A medical aid that patients like to wear has a positive effect on the success of therapy.

Natural movement processes and adjustment to anatomical circumstances ensure a high degree of user comfort. This is a decisive factor, because if the patient is happy to wear the prescribed aid and does so regularly, the conditions are right for the therapy to succeed.


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5 Allensbach Institute for Public Opinion Research on behalf of eurocom, March 2014.

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