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medi® has developed a unique solution for the retail landscape that meets customer requirements with clinical value. 

medi protect.orthopedics stands for quality and value. Within this comprehensive product portfolio are orthopedic braces and soft supports that have each been carefully crafted to ensure the highest quality and clinical benefit, from a world leader in functional bracing with decades of manufacturing experience.

The protect product line of supports, bracing and foot orthotics help keep our customers involved in their favorite activities, as they are designed for use during movement.

What makes the protect product category unique?

medi has applied its leading technologies and experience into creating products that use the most advanced
materials to properly support joints and keep our patients comfortable while enjoying their passions.

The protect technologies:

The Poly-Dry™ in protect.orthopedics products gives our product its soft feel, consistent compression, breathability and odor-control. An anti-microbial treatment has been woven into the yarn to prevent it from washing out. This unique knitting feature pulls moisture away from the skin, keeping patients’ dry and comfortable. 

The distinct polymers in protect’s silicone buttresses resist heat and are naturally antimicrobial, preventing the patient from overheating and keeping odors at bay. The silicone also helps the supports hold their shape overtime.

The protect Comfort Zone™ provides optimal comfort in our products, allowing them to be worn throughout the day, even while sedentary, giving those sensitive areas extra stretch and flexibility.

The Tempaprene™ technology uses a soft nylon/spandex that warms tender joints and muscles to provide comfort. This therapeutic warmth is felt within the compressive stretch of the product, even during long-term use.

This seal is indicative of the over 60 years of compression excellence medi has in its products, focused on supreme quality, cutting-edge innovation and unparalled design.

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