What are adjustable compression wraps?

Adjustable compression wraps are made from inelastic materials such as neoprene and other low-stretch materials. These provide a more “dynamic” compression that fluctuates when active verses a “static” or consistent compression that a traditional elastic compression stocking delivers. These products offer very little to no stretch. The compression therapy is delivered by the person conducting the application. The more tension that is applied, the greater the compression therapy.

Compression wraps have been proven1 to enhance venous return flow and edema reduction2 verses elastic compression products. The inelastic nature of the wraps provide better resistance for greater containment of edema or swelling. Additionally, many patients and clinicians find that the application of adjustable compression wraps can be easier to apply.

When to use adjustable, inelastic compression wraps?

Adjustable compression wraps can be used in the treatment of venous and lymphatic conditions. Patients with venous health problems such as chronic venous insufficiency, varicose veins and venous leg ulcers utilize compression wraps when more extreme edema control is needed or for ease of application when they have difficulty applying a stocking, or, have an active wound with a dressing that should not be disturbed.

Adjustable compression is another benefit of inelastic compression wraps. This allows for the user to change the compression level as needed. More compression can be given during the day when one is active while less compression can be sustained at night or during recumbent moments. When limb volumes or circumference size changes for the larger or smaller, an adjustable compression wrap can accommodate these fluctuations while delivering the required compression level dosage.

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The circaid® story – Inspired by Nature

The invention of the circaid adjustable compression wrap by Frank Shaw began when his wife Hertha, a struggling lymphedema patient, was not compliant with her compression therapy treatment. The idea was sparked viewing giraffes on a trip to the San Diego Zoo. Why are giraffe legs so skinny when they are the tallest animal on earth defying the laws of gravity? He learned that giraffe skin does not expand, due to their high density of inelastic collagen fibers. In addition, their thick top layer of skin helps increase their tissue pressure. This promotes lymphatic and venous reflux and gives them permanent, natural compression. The inelastic quality of giraffe skin inspired Frank to create the first patented inelastic compression device, the circaid. The inelastic material of circaid compresses the tissue and provides an improved lymphatic and venous flow – just like the giraffe mascot.

Why do so many clinicians choose the circaid product?

Most clinicians would define successful compression therapy treatment as a product that can deliver the prescribed compression dosage level consistently throughout the day and over a patient’s treatment plan, which can be for life. To achieve this requires excellent patient compliance of the product.

circaid is easy.

Juxtaposed Band System technology

The Juxtaposed Band System offers optimal fit and easy handling.  With individually adjustable bands that can be adapted, the band system can also be easily readjusted. This makes for easy application and instant adjustability without garment removal! Thanks to the high-quality hook and loop fasteners, the products are also extremely durable.

circaid is measurable.

BPS™: Built-In-Pressure System™

This patented technology allows the garment to be set to a specific compression range called the Built-In-Pressure System™ (BPS™). Using this technology and the provided BPS™ card, patients are able to set their prescribed compression range while wearing their garment and readjust during the day as needed. Therefore, the appropriate compression range is ensured throughout the days’ wear – allowing for proper treatment and management of the chronic venous disease or lymphedema.  

circaid is effective.

Don’t take our word for it. See the various clinical studies that have been conducted over the years.


Our circaid line of products incorporate Breathe-o-Prene® to create a material that is flexible, breathable and comfortable all at the same time. Even if outside temperatures rise, the circaid Breath-o-Prene material allows for improved comfort with a material that won’t weigh patients down.

What circaid products are available?

The circaid had gone through several improvements over time and the brand has expanded its inelastic technology to treat more patients with a variety of applications. The circaid product portfolio consists of venous health and lymphedema-specific lines that are available in lower and upper extremity with the ability to create customized garments for that perfect fit. Product applications include acute care for edema reduction and wound healing, post-op surgical applications, and long-term compression therapy for chronic conditions.

Product for Venous Health:

Products for lymphedema treatment:

circaid lymphedema treatment phases infographic

Phase 1: Acute Decongestion

Phase 2: Transition & Maintenance

Phase 3: Maintenance

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