Are all ABI screening tools the same?

The old standard of determining an Ankle-Brachial Index (ABI) has always been the doppler probe, a handheld method that requires several steps, expertise, and skill to conduct and can take up to an hour to complete from start to finish. Due to this time commitment, it’s sometimes skipped altogether because of a lack of available time with each patient. 

The MESI ABPI performs an automated measurement in only 3 steps and takes only one minute. This innovative technology provides accurate and objective results from which clinicians can determine the safety and suitability for compression therapy treatment.

The Doppler also uses only 1 CUFF while MESI uses 3. What does this do? It controls inflation & deflation and accurately catches the same heartbeat while compressing both arms. The 2-in-1 medical device measures the blood pressure at the same time.

MESI ABI versus the Doppler probe

Measuring ABI with MESI ABPI MD is less time consuming and easier to perform

Save time & screen every patient in your clinic with the MESI ABPI for Peripheral Arterial Disease.

Measuring ABI with MESI ABPI MD