Products for Venous Conditions

What is the best compression therapy product for you?

The use of compression therapy products is widely accepted as standard practice in the treatment of venous conditions.  There are several forms of compression therapy products that are effective in the long-term treatment of venous disease. These compression product categories are elastic compression stockings, inelastic compression wraps and pneumatic compression pumps.  Patients may find the use of one product segment more effective than others and others may use a combination of all three segments in their treatment.

To determine the best product or products for you, one must consult with their clinician to evaluate the severity of the venous condition, what lifestyle activities a patient participates in, and the ability level of the individual to effectively use the product. The clinician will evaluate each patient to determine the correct course of treatment and the appropriate products to implement in the treatment plan. 

What type of compression therapy is available?

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Each compression product category has an appropriate patient application with a recommendation for certain disease states.  Traditional elastic stockings or graduated compression stockings are used primarily in the treatment of lower disease states and low edema levels, and are excellent for active individuals for use during the day.  Inelastic compression wraps are primarily used for more advanced disease states or as an alternative to stockings for those who have problems with applying. These products can be used both day and night due to the ability to adjust the compression based on the situation. Finally, pneumatic compression is used for more advanced disease states or those with an edema component. Compression pumps are typically used for short durations throughout the day when in a sitting or lying position.