Setting the new standard for pneumatic compression therapy: medi® pcs

As a leading provider of compression garments, we have added pneumatic compression pumps to complement the therapy treatment for patients in the home setting.

The medi® pcs (pneumatic compression systems) is a collection of compression (lymphedema) pumps that are designed for the patient. With two pumps offered; the medi pcs genius, our premium compression pump and the medi pcs brio, with its advanced features in a basic pump, these portable, lightweight pumps look modern and will not detract from a room. Most importantly, they are simplified to operate with the touch of a button and come loaded with treatment features for patients with lymphedema, chronic venous insufficiency and phlebolymphedema.

All medi pcs pumps are equipped with our self-learning technology Fill-to-Fit that ensures accurate compression throughout the lifespan of the treatment process as well as overlapping chambers that promote a smooth flow of fluid through the limb.

medi has an extensive network of contracted dealers who have been carefully selected to assist patients and clinicians through the process of insurance approval, product delivery and patient education. Our goal is to provide patients with a full compression therapy program that is effective, safe and easy to execute.

What makes the pcs easy?

For clinicians

  • Tell us what you need and who it is for
  • Connect with one of our certified providers
  • Provide necessary documentation and therapy requirements

For patients

  • Unit arrives pre-programmed ready for therapy
  • Easy to apply garments
  • Plug & Play
  • Simple to clean

What makes the pcs safe?

  • Safety lock prevents mis-programming
  • Available in FOUR languages
  • Overlapping chambers provide graduated compression and reduce the potential for window edema

What makes the pcs so effective?

Customized treatment for each patient

  • Preset compression therapy programs*
  • Tailor treatment and treatment times to patient needs
  • Fill-to-Fit technology for consistently applied compression
  • Focused therapy for problem areas*

    *medi pcs genius only

The technology features

Fill-to-Fit – sensor that fills the garment to a specific compression level that adapts to the limb size and gives prescribed compression consistently from treatment to treatment.

Overlapping chambers – enables treatment to deliver graduated compression to the limb without gapping which can cause window edema.

Customized programming – medi pcs pumps can adapt to individual patient needs by programming:

  • Compression level
  • Length of treatment
  • Inflation times
  • Step values of compression by chamber
  • Treatment modes – genius only

Multi-lingual color touchscreen – Easy-to-use and programmable in four languages – English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

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