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Why choose pneumatic compression?

medi® pcs is setting the standard for safe, easy and effective edema management.

By making the treatment of venous and lymphatic conditions both easy and enjoyable, the brio sets patients up for success and promotes greater independence and enthusiasm for self-managed therapy from the comfort of their own homes.

Treating venous diseases with medi pcs brio

The medi pcs brio is designed with innovative overlapping air chambers inside. This ensures that compression is applied across all parts of the affected limb, leaving no allowance for gaps in treatment. Unlike non-overlapping chambers, those in the brio eliminate the potential for pooling or backflow of fluid. Use of the brio increases venous blood return and lymph fluid transport. Patients can slide on their brio garment and easily start their pre-set treatment. After these daily treatments, patients will feel re-energized. 

What makes medi pcs different?

brio is setting the new standard for basic pneumatic compression. Features such as the easy-to-use touchscreen, self-learning technology, and fill-to-fit abilities make the medi pcs pump unique in its treatment of lymphedema and venous insufficiencies. This pneumatic compression device comes pre-programmed with prescribed treatment settings which allow patients to easily set-up and use the pcs brio for therapy.

The medi pcs brio’s features make it perfect for today’s healthcare environment:  

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