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The Rejuva® portfolio of products is a fashion-forward line of compression legwear that complements products from the mediven® line. Use the Rejuva patterned products to spice up generic attire or to make a bold statement.

Rejuva - stylish compression backed by the trusted leader

In a world full of so many choices, Rejuva provides high-quality, effective compression with stylized flair. Rejuva products are the perfect complement to the mediven or duomed collections when one wants to make a fashion statement. Or, it’s a great introduction to the health benefits of graduated compression for those who want something less traditional but still medically efficient.

How It All Started

Rejuva’s story began in 2008 when a 21-year-old college student developed a blood clot on a flight. While recovering, her doctor instructed her to wear graduated compression hosiery. Though the relief they provided was incredible, she wanted to wear compression socks that matched her vibrant lifestyle. Seeking a more stylish alternative to the existing mundane varieties on the market, she decided to make her own, more fashionable version.


In 2011, Rejuva was launched with the goal of giving wearers more stylish compression options all paired with a friendly, reliable and supportive service team. Since then, Rejuva’s line of fashionable compression legwear has been featured in the likes of VOGUE, NY Times, SHAPE, InStyle, Travel & Leisure, CNN, Dr Oz, and more.

In 2018, medi USA assumed the brand’s operations and product management as the exclusive distributor for Rejuva products. Today, medi continues Rejuva’s mission to “make wearing compression better” by delivering top quality, fashionable and functional products with exceptional service.

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